Central America / Caribbean - Projects

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Proj. No. Theme Organisation Status
238.012 Nothilfe nach schweren Unwettern (EDM) finished
228.009 Relief activities after tropical storm (CARS) finished
222.002 Transitional shelters for hurricane victims (SOL) finished
221.039 Emergency aid für Aguilares and Santo Tomas after hurricane Ida (BRU) finished
221.038 Emergency relief in the aftermath of hurricane Ida (EDM) finished
221.014 Sustainable drinking water supply and prevention measures (SOL) finished
220.006 Assistance in reconstruction in the aftermath of hurricanes Fay, Gustav, Hanna and Ike (EPER) finished
219.006 Natural disasters: Prevention and risk reduction (CARS) finished
218.005 Reforestation and diversification of farming products (CARS) finished
217.005 Improved food security and health care (MDM) finished
216.010 Reconstruction after Floods (CARS) finished
216.003 Food security: Increase of goats and new breeding model (ADC) finished
215.020 Logistics support and co-funding of a mobile clinic (CRS) finished
215.009 Emergeny assistance: Material for roof repair (CARS) finished
215.006 A school serves as place of refuge (CARS) finished
215.005 Combating of malnutrition of infants (TDHL) finished
215.003 Contribution to rebuild the Swiss College (CSDJ) finished
215.002 Emergency relief for hurricane victims (EPER) finished
214.033 Reconstruction in mountenous regions (EPER) finished
214.009 Female households receive help with rebuilding and agriculture (CARS) finished
214.008 Emergency assistance and prevention of natural disasters (SOL) finished
213.012 Construction of shelters and latrines (CRS) finished
210.033 Support of school system-relieving burden on poorer families (EDM) finished
210.030 Goats and chickens for 250 farming families (CARS) finished
210.023 Deployment of medical team reaches 12,000 people (MDM) finished
210.007 Heavy floods after tropical storm Noel: material emergency aid for 100 families (EDM) finished

Swiss Solidarity is a foundation, started as an initiative of the Swiss public media SRG SSR | Partnership & collaboration

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  • Swisscom
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One picture often says more than a thousand words. Thanks to the partnership with the internationally operating Swiss picture agency Keystone, Swiss Solidarity has free and rapid access to recent pictures at any time. 

The Keystone picture agency takes a Swiss view of our country and the world. A team of 20 full-time photographers throughout Switzerland as well as international partner agencies ensure that no current event is missed. As the largest picture agency in Switzerland, Keystone has an almost unending store of material on Swiss social history (around 11 million archive images).




A national fundraising day is unthinkable without the means of Swisscom: In six regional fundraising centers, provided by Swisscom as well, between 120 and 150 phone lines are in use. This meant that, at the Tsunami’s fundraising day, over 70’000 calls were managed. On fundraising days, this service is free of charge.

The internet as a means of communication is vital for Swiss Solidarity, too. Therefore, Swisscom supports Swiss Solidarity’s web presence year after year with a considerable contribution. Swisscom (formerly PTT) has been an abiding partner for Swiss Solidarity for over sixty years.



Swiss Solidarity originated in 1946 from a radio show in western Switzerland – the first fundraising campaign was for the benefit of the orphans of World War II. The idea became more and more successful, and in 1983, Swiss Solidarity was granted the status of a foundation initiated by the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRG. Today, Swiss Solidarity is a foundation that raises funds for humanitarian relief projects and works with the SRG SSR.

On national solidarity and fundraising days, Swiss Solidarity demonstrates just what is meant by «idée suisse»: The solidarity and support of Switzerland’s entire population. This is only possible because the SRG SSR idée suisse supports Swiss Solidarity with its free broadcastings. Swiss Solidarity itself is – with a few exceptions – not a relief organization, but rather a solidarity network, cooperating with 25 relief organizations.

Additionally, the company’s entities SRF, RTS, RTR, RSI are all represented in the foundation board.