Children - victims of war - Projects

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Proj. No. Theme Organisation Status
217.006 Protection and psychosocial well-being of conflict affected children and families (TDHL) finished
216.012 Phase II: Reintegration of former children soldier (VSF) finished
214.040 Assistance of children and adolescents with disabilities (CARS) finished
214.034 Improvement of childrens psychosocial well-being (TDHL) finished
212.001 Aid programme for migrants and combating social inequality (TDHS) finished
211.030 Adapted education for children in remote regions of Burma/Myanmar (SKP) finished
211.028 Care and rehabilitation of young prostitutes in Haiti (IAM) finished
211.019 Increased child protection after acts of war (TDHL) finished
210.009 Increased child protection for displaced children in Saida (TDHL) finished
209.043 Use of synergies: re-integration of 100 child soldiers and goat breeding (VSF) finished
209.028 Psychosocial support for uprooted families and children (TDHS) finished
209.001 Child victims of war: education and psychological support; Phase II. (VM) finished
208.021 Coping with acts of war: meeting centres and psychosocial care for children and young people (CARS) finished
208.005 Social and vocational integration of juvenile Romas (EPER) finished
208.004 Emergency aid for refugees from the Nahr-el-Bared camp (EPER) finished
208.003 Schools offer protection from being drafted into the army (SKP) finished
207.006 A refuge for women and children threatened by domestic violence (IAM) finished
207.001 Protection, education and social rehabilitation of former child soldiers (Phase IV) (CRS) finished
206.001 Support for child victims of the war (MED) finished
205.023 Programme for psychosocial support of children and young people in refugee camps (MCP) finished
205.007 Social and schooling integration for children and young people in refugee camps (Phase 2) (EPER) finished
205.005 Support network to guarantee the rights of displaced populations (TDHL) finished
205.004 Protection for marginalized children and social reintegration of child soldiers (TDHL) finished
205.003 Protection of children after armed conflicts in 5 western districts (TDHL) finished
205.001 "Living together" : promoting the peaceful coexistence of ethnic groups (Phase lll) (SKP) finished
204.013 Psychosocial support for children and families affected by violence (MCP) finished
203.003 Psychological support for children (EPER) finished
202.044 Children-victims of war: Emergency aid for infants and small children (CRS) finished
202.024 Emergency Aid and Legal Assistance for Palestinians (EPER) finished
202.022 Emergency provisions and distribution of hygiene articles for refugees (CARS) finished
202.019 Emergency Aid for The Mentally Disabled (CARS) finished
202.012 Support for children and young people displaced by war (TDHS) finished
202.009 Support program for displaced people in the Department of Atlantica (TDHS) finished
202.008 Emergency Aid for Displaced Children in Saida (TDHL) finished
202.007 Emergency Aid for War-Affected Lebanese and Palestinians (EPER) finished
202.002 Overcoming Malnutrition in a Situation of Extreme Crisis (TDHL) finished
201.023 "Living together" : Promoting the peaceful Coexistence of Ethnic Groups (2nd phase) (SKP) finished
201.019 Developing Psychological Care Services for Children in Distress (HI) finished
201.013 Project for reintegrating demobilised Child Soldiers (VSF) finished
201.008 Psychosocial support for uprooted families and children (TDHS) finished
201.003 Young Victims of Violence: Psychosocial Support and Empowerment (MCP) finished
200.017 Child Advocacy and Rehabilitation Project (Phase III) (CRS) finished
200.016 Mobile Clinics and Human Rights Project (Phase II) (EPER) finished
200.003 Aid for Displaced People (TDHL) finished
199.056 Protection of Marginalised Children and Reintegration of child soldiers (TDHL) finished
199.014 Psychosocial and Mother-Child Health Programme for victims of Civil War (TDHL) finished
199.012 Mother-Child Health and Nutrition Project (TDHL) finished
199.005 Aid Programme for Domestic Children (TDHS) finished
199.002 Material and psychological support for 11'000 displaced children (MED) finished
198.005 Therapy and Counselling Centre for Traumatised Children and Women (IAM) finished
196.012 Scholarship and Psychological Support for War Struck Children (VM) finished
196.011 Psychosocial Support for 600 children (IAM) finished
195.024 Prevention and Treatment of Malnutrition (TDHL) finished
193.056 Play for Peace - Youth Summer International Peace Camp (SKP) finished
193.028 Nutrition and scholarisation programme (TDHL) finished
193.019 Safe House for Women and Children (IAM) finished
193.017 Rehabilitation and reintegration of 150 war affected children (CRS) finished
193.016 Social Reinsertion of Young people through Artistic Activities (TDHS) finished
193.010 Support for children and young people displaced by war (education, recreational activities, nutrition) (TDHS) finished
193.005 Direct aid for 1027 displaced children (TDHL) finished
193.002 Psychosocial support for palestinian children (HI) finished
192.019 Educational and leisure activities for 1700 young people (TDHS) finished
192.017 Support for domestic children ("restaveks") (TDHS) finished
192.014 Support creation of creches in refugee camps (CARS) finished
192.009 Support of elementary schools for 1'000 children (CARS) finished
192.001 Support to 520 child refugees (protection, education, reintegration). Phase II (TDHL) finished
191.013 Support and reintegration programme for girls and women in situation of prostitution (IAM) finished
191.011 Roma Resource Centre (RRC) in Novi Sad (EPER) finished
190.093 Post-conflict Psychosocial Support Project (MED) finished
188.019 Social and Educational Support for Refugee Children (EPER) finished
188.018 Rehabilitation of Medical Services (EDM) finished
186.004 Mental Health Care for the Children of Gaza (MCP) finished
186.003 The Oasis of Peace Primary School (MCP) finished
186.002 Emergency Action: Health and Human Rights for Palestinian Children (EPER) finished
186.001 'Todos por el reencuentro': Searching for Missing People after Civil War (EPER) finished
185.011 Socio-educational Support for Refugee Children and Youth (EPER) finished
185.010 Improving the Nutritional Condition of Children (EPER) finished
185.009 Mine Risk Education (EPER) finished
185.008 Alleviation of Inter-ethnic Inter-religious Tensions in Schools (EPER) finished
185.007 A Home for War Orphans (CRS) finished
184.018 Support for Displaced Populations (TDHS) finished
184.017 Young Mothers and Children Victims of War: Hygiene Education and Psychosocial Support (TDHL) finished
184.016 Support for Orphans and Victims of AIDS (TDHL) finished
184.015 "Living together": Promoting the peaceful Coexistence of Ethnic Groups (phase I) (SKP) finished
184.014 Assistance for Displaced Children (MED) finished
184.012 Child Advocacy and Rehabilitation Project (Phase I) (CRS) finished
184.010 Children's Centres in Refugee Camps of Inguchia (CARS) finished
183.006 Support for Afghan Children Refugees of War (TDHL) finished
183.005 Intifada: Psychosocial Aid for Children and Teenagers (MCP) finished
183.004 Therapy and Counselling Centre for Traumatised Women and Children (Phase I) (IAM) finished
183.003 Reintegrating War Affected Children and Teenagers (HI) finished
183.002 Psychological Support for Palestinian Children in Bethlehem (HI) finished
183.001 Protection and Professional Training for Children Affected by Civil Violence (EPER) finished

Swiss Solidarity is a foundation, started as an initiative of the Swiss public media SRG SSR | Partnership & collaboration

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One picture often says more than a thousand words. Thanks to the partnership with the internationally operating Swiss picture agency Keystone, Swiss Solidarity has free and rapid access to recent pictures at any time. 

The Keystone picture agency takes a Swiss view of our country and the world. A team of 20 full-time photographers throughout Switzerland as well as international partner agencies ensure that no current event is missed. As the largest picture agency in Switzerland, Keystone has an almost unending store of material on Swiss social history (around 11 million archive images).




A national fundraising day is unthinkable without the means of Swisscom: In six regional fundraising centers, provided by Swisscom as well, between 120 and 150 phone lines are in use. This meant that, at the Tsunami’s fundraising day, over 70’000 calls were managed. On fundraising days, this service is free of charge.

The internet as a means of communication is vital for Swiss Solidarity, too. Therefore, Swisscom supports Swiss Solidarity’s web presence year after year with a considerable contribution. Swisscom (formerly PTT) has been an abiding partner for Swiss Solidarity for over sixty years.



Swiss Solidarity originated in 1946 from a radio show in western Switzerland – the first fundraising campaign was for the benefit of the orphans of World War II. The idea became more and more successful, and in 1983, Swiss Solidarity was granted the status of a foundation initiated by the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRG. Today, Swiss Solidarity is a foundation that raises funds for humanitarian relief projects and works with the SRG SSR.

On national solidarity and fundraising days, Swiss Solidarity demonstrates just what is meant by «idée suisse»: The solidarity and support of Switzerland’s entire population. This is only possible because the SRG SSR idée suisse supports Swiss Solidarity with its free broadcastings. Swiss Solidarity itself is – with a few exceptions – not a relief organization, but rather a solidarity network, cooperating with 25 relief organizations.

Additionally, the company’s entities SRF, RTS, RTR, RSI are all represented in the foundation board.