10 years after the natural disasters in the Valais and Ticino

On 14 October 2000, the Valais and Ticino were hit by devastating natural disasters. The solidarity of the people of Switzerland with the victims was astounding: the Swiss Solidarity fundraising campaign raised 74.2 million Swiss francs in donations.


One third of this went to the two worst affected municipalities, Gondo (13 million francs) and Baltschieder (14 million francs). The remaining funds were used to assist affected individuals, small businesses and municipalities in the Valais and neighbouring regions including the Aostatal. On 29 March 2009, Swiss Solidarity natural disaster relief was concluded with the official opening of the polyvalent sports hall in the municipality of Baltschieder near Visp.


This fundraising campaign achieved the second largest result in the history of Swiss Solidarity. Since the foundation was established in 1983, over 1 billion Swiss francs have been raised in donations: 25% of this has been used for the benefit of people in need in Switzerland (social aid, children’s aid and natural disasters).