"Jeder Rappen zählt", "Coeur à Coeur" and "Ogni centesimo conta"

The ‘Jeder Rappen zählt’, ‘Coeur à Coeur’ and ‘Ogni centesimo conta’ fundraising events, run in conjunction with SRF, RTS and RSI, take us back to our roots.

Back to the beginnings

In 1946 our founding fathers Roger Nordmann and Jack Rollan had the idea of combining fundraising with fun. They even composed a song for the Chaîne de Bonheur and went on tour with it through villages in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

Along with SRF, RTS and RSI, we have revived this idea with ‘Jeder Rappen zählt’, ‘Coeur à Coeur’ and ‘Ogni centesimo conta’ .

For one week each year, we run a big fundraising campaign on radio and television for people in need throughout the world, with support from celebrities and our partner relief organizations. The public can chose a song in exchange for a donation.

With the money raised, we finance projects on a specific theme in Switzerland and abroad. Working closely with our partner relief organizations, we can ensure that donations are used efficiently and as effectively as possible.

A class of schoolkids organizes a fundraising event for ‘Jeder Rappen zählt’ in Lucerne

Fundraising ideas by young and old

The Swiss public has some great and original ways of getting involved, just like it did in the early years of our existence. They bake, sing, make handicrafts and much more, raising as much money as possible.

The SRF 3 moderators take a selfie with Simmonetta Sommaruga in the glass box in Bern

Glass box and illustrious guests

A team of moderators spends several days in a glass box in a Swiss town. An exciting programme in and around the box attracts donors to the location, where they are invited to make a donation directly at the glass box.

‘Jeder Rappen zählt’ radio moderators in 2016

“Jeder Rappen zählt”

Since 2009 we have been running the “Jeder Rappen zählt“campaign with SRF radio and TV. Overall, 50 million francs have been raised for people in need. Besides raising funds and helping people, a key part of the campaign involves raising awareness among young people about humanitarian issues.

Coeur à Coeur radio moderators in 2016

“Coeur à Coeur”

In 2016 we organized the “Coeur à Coeur” campaign with RTS for the first time.

We ran a similar campaign with radio station Couleur 3 in 2007 entitled ‘Couleur Terre’, in which we raised money for clean water in developing countries.

“Ogni centesimo conta”

For the first time, in 2017, we carried out operation “Ogni centesimo conta” in collaboration with RSI on Locarno On Ice’s Piazza Grande in Canton Ticino.

Well-known personalities, politicians and radio hosts joined forces with the public to raise funds for people in distress.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our Foundation, please contact us. We will be happy to answer you.