Child welfare: Swiss Solidarity establishes minimum quality standards

Any project aimed at improving children’s welfare must now meet minimum quality standards. These standards provide a specific intervention framework with the aim of improving the projects’ quality, relevance and longevity.


As for the other areas of intervention, Swiss Solidarity will now ensure that every child welfare project submitted by its partners meets minimum standards.


These child welfare standards, ten in total, include identifying and meeting the child’s best interests as well as involving every child in the decisions that concern him or her. For example, the needs specific to gender and age group have to be clearly differentiated. Parents, guardians and community members have the duty to also be involved in activities related to child beneficiaries. And children must be protected at all times against risks of mental and psychological abuse and benefit from measures that will strengthen their resilience.


The minimum standards also stipulate the necessity of working together with the existing state organisations and structures in every intervention area.

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