Fundraising campaigns from Swiss Solidarity since 1946

Since its original founding in 1946, Swiss Solidarity has collected over 1,7 billion francs of donations. Amongst the five most important campaigns in Swiss Solidarity's history, two were following natural disasters, one concerned armed conflict and two followed on natural disasters in Switzerland. Furthermore, Swiss Solidarity continues its fight against hardship and poverty in Switzerland.

The sum is very impressive and shows the Swiss population's confidence in Swiss Solidarity. With this amount hundreds of thousands of victims of natural disasters and armed conflict could be helped.

Swiss Solidarity's most important campaigns were:

  • Indian Ocean Tsunami, December 2004, CHF 227 million
  • Storms, floods and landslides in Switzerland (cantons of Valais and Ticino), October 2000, CHF 74 million
  • Earthquake in Haiti, January 2010, CHF 66 million
  • Victims of armed conflict in Kosovo, April 1999, CHF 49.9 million
  • Storms, floods and landslides in Switzerland (central Switzerland, Bernese Oberland and the canton of Grisons), August 2005, CHF 49.5 million

During the last 30 years, 34 national solidarity days were held. 25% of the 1,5 billion francs collected were attributed to affected people in Switzerland, 6% for Children Relief and 69% in aid after natural disasters abroad. The 25 partner organisations of Swiss Solidarity, their local workforce and local networks ensure that aid is provided to the affected victims.

2016 Climate disaster in Africa

2015 Vanuatu / Earthquake Nepal / Refugees / Youth in need (Jrz 2015)

2014 Balkan Floods / Gaza / Iraq / Fleeing Families (Jrz 2014)

Syria / Floods Europe / Typhoon Haiyan Philippines / Children in Slums (Jrz 2013)

2012 Sahel / Syria / Water (Jrz 2013)

2011 North Africa / Japan / Africa / Mothers in need (Jrz 2012)

2010 Earthquake Haiti / Earthquake Chili / Floods Asia (Pakistan) / Children - Victims of conflicts (Jrz 2010)

2009 Gaza / Earthquake Italy / Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs Sri Lanka) / Africa / Asia / Floods in Salvador (Central America/Caribbean) / Malaria (Jrz 2009)

2008 Cyclone Myanmar/Burma / Floods Asia / Caribbean / Africa/Congo / KiddyPlus - Children Relief

2007 Storms in Switzerland / Floods in Asia / Peru (earthquake) / Greece (forest fires) / Mexico-Caribbean / Cyclone Bangladesh (Floods Asia) / Couleur Terre (water projects)

2006 Floods in Europe Earthquake Java Children - Victims of war (Middle East)

2005 Africa (Sahel) / Natural Disasters Switzerland / Hurricane Central America Earthquake Kashmir

2004 Internally Displaced Persons Darfur (Sudan) / Floods Asia / Cyclone Haiti (Caribbean) Indian Ocean Tsunami

2003 Civil Populations Iraq, Algeria / Children - Victims of war / Earthquake Iran (Bam)

2002 Volcanic Eruption Goma / East Africa / Floods in Europe / Floods Asia / Storms in Switzerland / Famine in Southern Africa

2001 Earthquake India (Gujarat) / Earthquake Central America / Conflict Afghanistan

2000 Floods in Mozambique / Southern Africa / Famine in East Africa / Natural Disasters in Asia / Floods and landslides in Switzerland (Valais and Ticino)

1999 Earthquake Colombia / Avalanches and Storms in Switzerland / Victims of armed conflict in Kosovo / Earthquake in Turkey / Cyclone in India and Floods in Vietnam / Venezuela / Hurricane Lothar in Switzerland

1998 Earthquake in Afghanistan / Landslides in Southern Italy / second Earthquake in Afghanistan / Floods in China / Famine in Southern Sudan / Hurricane Mitch in Central America / Aid to refugees from Kosovo / Hardship and poverty in Switzerland

1997 Albania / Earthquake in Iran / Cyclone in Bangladesh / Storms in Switzerland (Sachseln in canton of Obwald) / Floods in Central and Eastern Europe

1996  HIV positive people and people living with AIDS / Civil war victims in Former Yugoslavia / Refugees in Rwanda and Zaire / 50th anniversary campaigns Fight against poverty in Switzerland and Educational support in developing countries

1995 Civil war in Former Yugoslavia / Aid to population of Haiti / HIV positive people and people living with AIDS

1994 Civil war in Former Yugoslavia / civil war in Rwanda

1993 Support to unemployed and victims of economic crises in Switzerland / civil war in Former Yugoslavia / Earthquake in India / Floods in Switzerland (cantons of Valais and Ticino)

1992 Civil war in Former Yugoslavia / Population of Somalia

1991 Victims of Gulf war / Water-Campaign / Former Yugoslavia

1990 Children of Chernobyl / Iran / Philippine / Jordan / URSS Eastern Countries

1989 Rumania / Lebanon

1988 Earthquake in Armenia / Sudan / Natural Disaster / Bangladesh / Central America

1987 Natural disaster Switzerland / Equator Earthquake / Famine in Ethiopia and Mozambique

1986 Fight against world famine / Salvador Earthquake

1985 Cyclone in Bangladesh / Earthquake in Mexico / Eruption of volcano "Nevado del Ruiz" in Colombia

1984 Fight against world famine

1983 Refugees in Switzerland and the Third World / Social Aid in Switzerland

1982 Refugees from Lebanon / Third World Children

1980 Earthquake in Southern Italy and in El Asnam, Algeria

1979 Earthquake in Yugoslavia / War victims in Cambodia

1978 Floods in India, Vietnam and Switzerland / War victims in Lebanon

1977 Cyclone in India / Earthquake in Rumania / Floods in Switzerland

1976 Earthquakes in Guatemala, Turkey and Friul (Italy)

1975 Assistance to unemployed people

1974 Vacation for elderly people

1971 Refugees from Tibet and Bengal

1969 Handicapped children in Switzerland

1968 Earthquake in Sicily / Avalanches in Switzerland

1966 Fight against famine in India / Floods in Florence (Italy)

1965 International broadcast: Children in Need / Fall of the Mattmark Glacier (Switzerland)

1964 Fight against racism (international broadcast)

1963 Earthquake in Skopje / Crevasses in Longarone (Italy)

1962 Floods in Badalona, Spain / Fight against malaria (international broadcast)

1961 Fight against leprosy (international broadcast)

1960 Earthquakes in Agadir (Morocco), Chile and Iran

1959 Collapse of dam in Fréjus, France

1958 Floods in Cévennes mountains, France

1957 Floods in Spain

1956 Mining disaster in Marcinelle, Belgium

1954 Earthquake in Algeria (Orléansville) / Floods in Italy (Salerno)

1953 Floods in the Netherlands, Belgium and England / Earthquake in Greece

1951 Floods in the river Po valley / Avalanches in Switzerland

1950 Fight against tuberculosis

1949 Second international broadcast for children

1948 International broadcast for children / Floods in the Moselle region

1947 Emergency aid to families

1946 Swiss Solidarity's first broadcast on 26 September

Swiss Solidarity is a foundation, started as an initiative of the Swiss public media SRG SSR | Partnership & collaboration

  • Keystone
  • Swisscom
  • SRG SSR alt




One picture often says more than a thousand words. Thanks to the partnership with the internationally operating Swiss picture agency Keystone, Swiss Solidarity has free and rapid access to recent pictures at any time. 

The Keystone picture agency takes a Swiss view of our country and the world. A team of 20 full-time photographers throughout Switzerland as well as international partner agencies ensure that no current event is missed. As the largest picture agency in Switzerland, Keystone has an almost unending store of material on Swiss social history (around 11 million archive images).




A national fundraising day is unthinkable without the means of Swisscom: In six regional fundraising centers, provided by Swisscom as well, between 120 and 150 phone lines are in use. This meant that, at the Tsunami’s fundraising day, over 70’000 calls were managed. On fundraising days, this service is free of charge.

The internet as a means of communication is vital for Swiss Solidarity, too. Therefore, Swisscom supports Swiss Solidarity’s web presence year after year with a considerable contribution. Swisscom (formerly PTT) has been an abiding partner for Swiss Solidarity for over sixty years.



Swiss Solidarity originated in 1946 from a radio show in western Switzerland – the first fundraising campaign was for the benefit of the orphans of World War II. The idea became more and more successful, and in 1983, Swiss Solidarity was granted the status of a foundation initiated by the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRG. Today, Swiss Solidarity is a foundation that raises funds for humanitarian relief projects and works with the SRG SSR.

On national solidarity and fundraising days, Swiss Solidarity demonstrates just what is meant by «idée suisse»: The solidarity and support of Switzerland’s entire population. This is only possible because the SRG SSR idée suisse supports Swiss Solidarity with its free broadcastings. Swiss Solidarity itself is – with a few exceptions – not a relief organization, but rather a solidarity network, cooperating with 25 relief organizations.

Additionally, the company’s entities SRF, RTS, RTR, RSI are all represented in the foundation board.