Earthquake in Haiti 2010

People in Switzerland donated 66 million francs. Discover how we used your donations.

Status : Ongoing
Emergency relief
Consolidation phase
Funds received: CHF 66,241,180

Huge suffering and damage

The earthquake that struck Haiti on 12th January 2010 caused widespread destruction. Over 300,000 people were killed in the quake.

A third of the Haitian population – 3.2 million people – were affected by the natural disaster.

According to the government, more than 250,000 homes and 30,000 businesses were destroyed. The economy was ruined.

The disaster had a huge impact on this poor and fragile country, and continues to do so.

A Haitian woman sits in the rubble of the earthquake, crying with grief.

Your donation makes a difference. Thanks to your solidarity, working with our partner NGOs, we were immediatly able to provide emergency relief and were subsequently closely involved in the reconstruction of earthquake- and storm-resistant buildings.

A well with tap in Haiti, reconstructed after the earthquake

How your donation helps

Our partner relief organizations carry out projects tailored precisely to the needs of those they help:

Emergency relief and reconstruction

  • They distribute food
  • They treat the ill and wounded and help prevent the spread of diseases such as cholera
  • They provide provisional accommodation
  • They repair and construct earthquake- and storm-resistant houses and schools
  • They ensure a functioning water supply and waste-water system.

Follow-on projects

Our partner relief organizations:

  • care for the disabled
  • make sure hygiene measures are adhered to in order to prevent epidemics
  • protect children from abuse and exploitation
  • offer psychosocial support to the traumatized
  • support families who have taken in others who lost their homes
  • plant trees so that the next natural disaster causes less erosion and fewer landslides
  • train young people and help them to find work

A young woman learning to lay tiles, trained by our partner relief organization Terre des Hommes Suisse.

“In Haiti we have made sure reconstruction efforts and development cooperation are closely linked, so as to make the impact of the donations even more effective.”
David Dandrès, Swiss Solidarity Project Officer for Haiti

Emergency relief

As Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world, many of our Swiss partner relief organizations were already operating on the island before the disaster.

These aid organizations were able to begin to deliver emergency relief in the first few hours following the quake. They distributed food and water, set up temporary accommodation and provided medical aid.

A doctor examines a young boy following the earthquake in Haiti.

Workmen rebuilding a house following the earthquake in Haiti.


Having administered emergency relief, we turned our attention to reconstruction, working with our partner organizations. They repaired and rebuilt 2,700 houses to be earthquake- and storm-resistant, and installed 3,300 latrines and 2,500 water reservoirs.

We have financed a total of 90 projects by 22 aid organizations to date. So our aid efforts on Haiti are coming to a close. There are still a few projects running to consolidate the success and sustainability of the projects already implemented.

Detailed evaluation report 2014 (FR)


Our partner organizations operating locally

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