2015 earthquake in Nepal

People in Switzerland donated 32 million francs for the victims of the earthquake. Discover how we helped the people of Nepal with your donations, in terms of emergency aid and reconstruction.

Status : Ongoing
Emergency relief
Consolidation phase
Funds received CHF 32,552,740

Death and destruction after the earthquake

On 25th April 2015 an earthquake destroyed 600,000 houses and claimed the lives of 9,000 people. Around 22,000 people were injured.

Besides houses, many religious sites were also destroyed. For the religious and traditional-minded Nepalese, this was an additional heavy loss.

Nepal is a very mountainous country. Many villages lie in remote valleys. Following the earthquake, these were even more difficult to access than before. Many roads were destroyed or blocked by landslips.

Getting relief to the inhabitants proved to be the biggest challenge in the weeks following the disaster.

A man walks through the ruins of a town destroyed by the quake.

Thanks to your donations, our partner relief organizations were able to begin distributing aid immediately, in some cases bringing food, tarpaulins and household items to remote villages on foot.


A Nepalese girl being treated in hospital following the earthquake.

How your donation was used to provide emergency relief

Our partner relief organizations carry out projects tailored precisely to the needs of those they help:

  • They distribute food, water and water purification systems, tents, temporary accommodation, household items and tools for clearing away rubble
  • They treat the sick and injured
  • They combat the spread of disease and epidemics
  • They protect children from exploitation and abuse, and help children and adults alike to work through their trauma
  • They pay people to clear away rubble, meaning they can immediately start earning their own money again
  • They set up temporary classrooms so children can return to school quickly and not miss too much schooling instruction

How your donation is used in reconstruction

Our partner relief organizations carry out projects tailored precisely to the needs of those they help:

  • They are building over 5,000 houses, around 57 schools and 5 health centres – all of them earthquake-resistant.
  • They are training hundreds of qualified craftsmen and thousands of volunteer villagers to build earthquake-resistant buildings.

A Nepalese woman trained in earthquake-proof construction helps to build new houses.

“Our assistance benefits those who need it most. The schools and health centres that we have rebuilt in rural areas provide children with access to education and medical care.”
Ernst Lüber, Head of Programmes Department, Swiss Solidarity

Emergency relief after the earthquake

Many of our partner relief organizations have been in Nepal for a long time, helping the local population to improve their lives. So they were already there when the earthquake struck, were familiar with the country and the people, and had very good links to local organizations.

This meant that, despite the difficult circumstances, they were able to start providing emergency aid very quickly. They distributed drinking water and basic items to around 200,000 people, and gave them a temporary roof over their heads.

They set up emergency medical stations, thereby helping over 10,000 of the injured.

Thousands of children were able to return to school, held in makeshift classrooms.

Girls in a makeshift classroom following the earthquake in Nepal.

Nepalese men helping to reconstruct their homes.

Houses and schools rebuilt

As part of the reconstruction effort, our partner relief organizations are helping the local population to rebuild 5000 houses.

The first of these are already finished; a second construction phase is planned for 2018. Work on 57 schools and five health centres has also begun. We estimate that they will take about three years to build.

Hundreds of qualified craftsmen and thousands of volunteer villagers have been trained by the relief organizations in the construction of earthquake-resistant buildings.

Study : Accountability to affected people

Funds received:

CHF 32,552,740

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