Emergency relief in Africa

Africa is a crisis-ridden continent. We need your donation to enable our partner relief organizations to provide rapid humanitarian aid following a disaster.

A crisis-ridden continent

Famine, drought, war, sickness and epidemics – sub-Saharan Africa is repeatedly the scene of crisis and disaster.

Those affected need international aid fast, because national governments are not always able to manage the crises themselves.

We want to ensure that people regain their independence as soon as possible.

People fleeing their homes between Goma and Sake in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Your donation makes a difference. Your solidarity provides needy people in Africa with the urgent aid they require in the event of a disaster.

Aid in the event of famine and conflict

We have been fundraising for the victims of disasters and conflict in Africa since 2005.

With your donations, we have funded projects run by our partner relief organizations which have provided food and clean water to people suffering from drought and famine in East and West Africa.

Our partner organizations also helped the people in Guinea to fight the ebola virus, and have improved the situation of refugees and internally displaced persons in South Sudan.

A farmer in Ethiopia feeds his animals.

"Unfortunately, there is no shortage of work for us in Africa. This enormous continent repeatedly experiences natural disasters and conflict. But thanks to donations for Africa, we are able to act swiftly and to fund the aid necessary."
Ernst Lüber, Head of our Project Department

How your donation helps

Our partner relief organizations carry out projects which are tailored precisely to the needs of their beneficiaries:

  • They distribute food, cooking utensils, personal care items and everything else needed to survive
  • They provide provisional accommodation
  • The ensure access to clean water
  • They treat the sick and injured
  • They treat malnourished children
  • They protect children from exploitation and abuse


A woman from Denkarone, Ethiopia, fills her canister with water delivered by our partner relief organization Save the Children.


We have been fundraising for the victims

of disaster and conflict in Africa since 2005

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