Natural Disasters Switzerland

Switzerland is frequently hit by violent storms and flooding – thanks to your donation, we are able to help.

Storm and flood damage

Violent storms, flooding and landslides – in Switzerland, as elsewhere, natural disasters can cause huge damage affecting people, infrastructure and the landscape.

The images of major disasters such as Hurricane Lothar in 1999 and the floods of 2005, which affected practically the whole of Switzerland, are still clear in many minds.

Yet natural disasters that don’t make it into the media can also have serious consequences for some people.

Two men fishing driftwood out of floodwater.

Your donation makes a difference. Thanks to your solidarity, we can help people in Switzerland who have lost everything in a natural disaster.

A village affected by severe weather.

Help for financially weak communities

We not only help individuals: family businesses and communes with a low income also receive our support.

Here, too, our experts look closely at each situation and decide what costs we can meet.

The available resources do not allow for new requests from municipalities to be accepted until further notice.

Finding help

Help for those affected

Fortunately in Switzerland most people have good insurance. Normally the insurance companies meet the costs caused by a natural disaster.

But sometimes not everything is covered, and this can cause huge financial difficulties for some people. It also happens that some types of damages are not covered by any insurance.

Our experts carefully examine each case individually. We can then help pay for any extra costs.

Finding help

Volunteers clear up after a flood.

“We have been helping disadvantaged persons in Switzerland since Swiss Solidarity was first set up. Those who find it difficult to make ends meet under normal circumstances are usually hit hardest by a natural disaster. We like to help such people with our severe weather assistance programme.”
Fabienne Vermeulen, Head of Assistance in Switzerland at Swiss Solidarity

How your donation helps

  • We can provide emergency relief, paying for urgently needed items such as new clothes and furniture
  • We help meet the costs faced by private individuals, family businesses or financially weak communities that are not covered by insurance, the local commune or other agencies.

A girl throws storm-damaged furniture into a skip.

In the past 70 years we have paid out 209 million francs in donations to help those affected by severe weather in Switzerland.

Our partner organizations for natural disasters assistance in Switzerland

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If you have any questions or would like to know more about our Foundation, please contact us. We will be happy to answer you.