People in need in Switzerland

We help teenagers and young adults in difficult circumstances in Switzerland to integrate into society and the workplace.

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Integration into society and the workplace

Once a year we run a fundraising event with the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRF), Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) and Radiotelevisione Svizzera (RSI), called Jeder Rappen zählt in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, Coeur à Coeur in the French-speaking part and Ogni centesimo conta in the Italian-speaking part of the country.

The money raised since 2015 goes towards helping young adults aged 15 to 25 living in Switzerland who do not have any formal qualifications and find it difficult to integrate into society and the workplace. We also support young migrants who recently arrived in Switzerland.

Young people in need

In Switzerland, there are many young people who need help gaining a foothold in a job or, indeed, in life. They face a multitude of problems and are not equipped to embark on vocational training or complete it successfully.

We support organizations throughout Switzerland which help young people on their path to adulthood and in finding a career.

Our partner relief organizations carry out projects tailored precisely to the needs of such young people:

  • They mobilise the young people’s resources.
  • They strengthen their personality and boost their self-confidence.
  • They concentrate on getting them integrated into society, and equip them to take their place in the world of work.
  • They offer individual coaching to those with most difficulties, allowing them to develop at their own pace.

Jeunes en rupture

  • Accroche
  • ALP Grauholz
  • Association Ateliers Phénix
  • Astural
  • Caritas Geneva
  • Caritas Lucerne
  • Démarche
  • Fondazione Il Gabbiano
  • Stiftung Jobtraining (Jobfactory)
  • Pacifique
  • Stiftung Dreipunkt
  • Stiftung Jugendsozialwerk Blaues Kreuz BL
  • Stiftung PlusPunkt
  • Stiftung Zürcher Kinder und Jugendheime
  • Swiss Workers Relief Organisation Ticino
  • Swiss Workers Relief Organisation Valais
  • Swiss Workers Relief Organisation Zurich
  • Verein Fürzüg
  • Verein Lernwerk
  • Verein Start Again
"This support is not just a stop-gap for people in need, it is intended to improve their situation long term."
Fabienne Vermeulen, Head of Assistance in Switzerland at Swiss Solidarity

Young migrants

Over 65 million people worldwide find themselves fleeing from war, persecution and extreme poverty. According to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), half of these are children, almost 100,000 of whom are having to cope alone.

We support organizations which care for young migrants recently arrived in Switzerland.

Our partner relief organizations carry out projects tailored precisely to the needs of young migrants:

  • They improve their chances of integrating in society and in the workplace.
  • They help them acquire basic skills (learning a national language, improving numerical skills etc.).
  • They help them develop plans for the vocational path they want to pursue.
  • They help them to find a job.

Jeunes migrants

  • Caritas Switzerland
  • Caritas Zurich
  • Catholic Church of the canton of Vaud
  • En route pour apprendre
  • IG offenes Davos
  • La sorcière affairée
  • National Coalition Building Institute Switzerland
  • National Youth Council of Switzerland
  • Offene Kirche Elisabethen
  • Red Cross Aargau
  • Red Cross Basel
  • Red Cross Schaffhausen
  • Red Cross Solothurn
  • Red Cross Ticino
  • Red Cross Zurich
  • Schule St. Catharina
  • Stiftung Futuri
  • Stiftung Lebenshilfe
  • Swiss Red Cross
  • Swiss Workers Relief Organisation Schaffhausen
  • Swiss Workers Relief Organisation Ticino
  • Verein Flüchtlinge Malen
  • Verein KUMA
  • Verein Netzwerk Asyl Aargau
  • Verein Tipiti

Vulnerable young women

Young women in Switzerland often face particular problems.We support organizations which help vulnerable young women, e.g. migrants, young mothers without any qualifications and young women who want to get out of prostitution.
The organizations carry out projects tailored precisely to the needs of such young people:

  • They help them build up their self-confidence.
  • They help them integrate into society and the world of work.
  • They prepare young women who have not completed compulsory schooling or did not attend school in Switzerland to do an apprenticeship or take on a job.
  • They foster the integration of young mothers without formal qualifications. They provide childcare while the young mothers are at school or work and support them in their role as mothers.
Your donation makes a difference. Your solidarity provides help directly to people in need in Switzerland.

Individual social aid 1946–2017

Up to the end of October 2017 we also provided social assistance to individuals in need in Switzerland, in the form of one-off financial aid.

For example, we helped them pay the rent, childcare costs and medical costs such as doctor’s bills, glasses, dentist bills etc.

Each year we supported over 3,000 people to the amount of around CHF 1 million.

Des parents et leurs deux fils dans la précarité prennent le petit-déjeuner.


Assistance in Switzerland in figures since 1987

  • Paid out:

    CHF 38,7 millions

  • People helped: