Inauguration of multi-purpose hall

The municipality of Baltschieder near Visp in Canton Valais was the place that suffered the greatest material devastation in the natural disaster that occurred in the Valais, Ticino and neighbouring regions in October 2000: the damage added up to around 80 million Swiss francs. Fire fighters, civil defence workers and volunteers from all over Switzerland spent weeks cleaning up and providing neighbourly assistance.


Sunday’s festive inauguration of the multi-purpose hall also concludes Swiss Solidarity’s natural disaster relief to Baltschieder. Approximately 14 million Swiss francs in donations have been used for emergency aid and rebuilding. This has involved assistance to private individuals, building a new community centre, redesigning the village square, other facilities and now the multi-purpose hall that will benefit the entire population. The use of funds was monitored by the Swiss Red Cross on behalf of Swiss Solidarity.


The new buildings have had an influence on the villagescape – an appealing blend of old and new that has met with a high degree of acceptance from local people. Since the rebuilding, the population of Baltschieder has also increased.