Natural disaster Switzerland: interim result – Over 500 requests handled


Swiss Solidarity’s Project Commission Switzerland reports a positive interim result following the country’s natural disaster of last August: over 543 of the 950 requests submitted by private individuals, private corporations and small businesses have already been dealt with. In total, around CHF 10.34 million has already been paid out in the form of advances or direct assistance.


This is shown by the latest figures from Swiss relief organizations Red Cross and Caritas, who are handling individual cases either directly or within the donations commission on behalf of Swiss Solidarity. Some of the requests still lack the proof or addition clarification required to allow a definite decision to be made – Swiss Solidarity grants subsidiary payments (as a supplement to insurance benefits, natural hazard funds and subsidies) and in cases of hardship.


According to current estimates, last year’s natural disaster left damage of almost CHF 90 million which is not covered by insurance, with CHF 49 million available from the Swiss Solidarity campaign. Meanwhile it has become clear how the donated funds will be allocated: CHF 9 million for remaining costs to individual persons, families, corporations under private law and small businesses, and CHF 35 to financially weak municipalities. The remaining CHF 5 million will be reserved to cover further cases and compensation payments.


In August a delegation from Swiss Solidarity and the relief organizations will visit the worst-hit areas in the Bernese Oberland and Central Switzerland, to draw up a balance one year after the disaster together with those affected.

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