Refugees: 20 million francs raised in one month

Swiss Solidarity’s fundraising appeal for refugees just reached the 20 million franc mark. In just one month, the appeal launched on 31 August 2015 raised more for war victims than any fundraising effort since the 1999 campaign for victims of the conflict in Kosovo. The money will go to emergency relief projects in countries bordering Syria and along the routes to Europe.


“This outcome attests to the immense solidarity of the Swiss people,” noted Tony Burgener, Director of Swiss Solidarity. “This latest show of support is in addition to the 23 million francs already donated by the people of Switzerland between 2012 and August 2015 to help victims of the war in Syria. No other country has shown such generosity toward refugees.”


Five organisations along the routes to Europe

On the Balkan route, donations will fund projects run by Caritas, HEKS, Terre des hommes – Child relief, Médecins du Monde and ADRA, which are delivering aid in Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia. The work of these NGOs includes distributing food, water and blankets. Refugees also receive medical care, psychological support and legal advice at reception centres for war refugees, many of whom are minors. Funds will also be used to continue the relief efforts of the past three years which have aided Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, as well as internally displaced people in Syria. A delegation of Swiss Solidarity representatives will be conducting a field visit in Jordan to determine how to use donations.


Fundraising efforts receive boost

Swiss Solidarity’s latest campaign for refugees was launched on 31 August 2015 and given a boost by the National Day of Solidarity held on 15 September. The Day of Solidarity was bolstered by a televised address by federal councillor Didier Burkhalter and the participation of many well known personalities who worked the phones to take pledges. A number of other fundraising efforts took place at the same time. For instance, the Swiss Football League promised to donate 500 francs per goal scored in the Super and Challenge Leagues, while Swisscom donated 5 francs per photo posted on social media in solidarity with refugees. The photos were then used to create a human mosaic in the form of the Swiss Solidarity logo.

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