Your company can support people in need

Companies can also do something to help disadvantaged people, either when there is an emergency or longer term.

Would you like to organize a Christmas fundraising event with your employees to raise money for people in need? Or are you and your staff particularly moved by events unfolding in a natural disaster, and would like to join together to help?

There are all kinds of ways in which you and your company can get involved in the relief effort, either when there is an emergency or over the long term.


Having seen the devastation caused by an earthquake or a hurricane, would you and your company like to express your solidarity with the victims?

Thanks to your donation we can get urgently needed help to those hardest hit.

For example, you may wish to donate when your company celebrates an anniversary – and you can rely on us to use your donation where it is most needed.

Donate now

A volunteer holds up a payment slip for the camera on a national fundraising day

“We are always delighted by the great campaigns that companies and their co-workers come up with to help people in need. It shows that getting together to help others who are less fortunate can be rewarding and great fun.”
Judith Schuler, Head of Communication

Loyalty programme

Does your company reward its clients in a loyalty system? Why not let your customers donate their loyalty points to the Swiss Solidarity foundation, and so help people in need?

You transfer their donations to us on a regular basis, and thank your customers by sending them a confirmation of their donation.

You tell us if would like the money to be spent on emergency disaster relief, or to go towards a longer-term project.

Bonus Card, Demo SCOPEIntervista and Migros already give their customers the opportunity to donate loyalty points. Get in touch with us now!

Corporate volunteering

Your company has a conscience, so why not give your staff the possibility of volunteering for a good cause?

Swiss Solidarity relies on the support of volunteers on national appeal days and at various fundraising events (Jeder Rappen zählt, Coeur à Coeur, Ogni centesimo conta), which take place each year in conjunction with the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRG SSR. To successfully raise the amount of money they do, these events require a lot of help from a lot of people.

Volunteers are required for administrative tasks, or they can support us by offering their expertise in other areas.


As a Swiss Solidarity sponsor, you contribute to meeting our operating costs. If you wish, you can support a specific area of work in Switzerland.

In so doing, you help to promote a spirit of solidarity in Switzerland – the solidarity that we, our partners, donors and beneficiaries all believe in.

In our annual report you can find information about the partners who have supported us so far.

Your contact person:
Judith Schuler
Head Communication
Tel.: +41 (0) 79 386 41 47