Inheritance and Testament

Become a strong link in the chain of solidarity

Show your solidarity, even after your passing

Would you like to leave a lasting legacy for the world’s poorest people? Act now and leave a gift for Swiss Solidarity in your will. Show your solidarity, even after your passing.

 Through your will, you can keep supporting people in need. With a legacy gift, you will be helping when disaster strikes in Switzerland or abroad.


Your will in a nutshell

Did you know that as of 1 January 2023, the revised inheritance law allows you to dispose of a larger portion of your estate as you see fit?

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You have the power to ensure that your will benefits not only your loved ones, but also a charitable organisation. With the anonymous and free Will Calculator from DeinAdieu (in German), it is easy to calculate the statutory compulsory portion and who is entitled to it, as well as the portion that you are free to dispose of as you wish.

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Your will, your decision

We work with 25 Swiss partner organisations and monitor the quality of the relief projects we support worldwide. We do this to ensure that every contribution is used as effectively and responsibly as possible, and that your solidarity has an optimal impact.

What better way to maintain your support for those most in need, even after your passing.

You decide which projects are closest to your heart. Bequests can be earmarked for our permanent funds Child Relief (International), Child Protection (Switzerland) and Emergency Fund. You can allow us to use the money where the need is greatest at any given time. By showing solidarity after you pass on, you enable our specialist NGO partners to carry out projects that will have a lasting impact. Legacy giving can take on two forms: a bequest (a fixed amount) or an inheritance (a percentage of the freely available share of your estate).

Would you like to continue your commitment to people in need beyond your lifetime? You can do this through an inheritance or a legacy by including Swiss Solidarity in it.


How do you proceed when you want to create your will?


Estate planning is a very personal and private matter. However, if you have any further questions about inheritances and bequests or if you need help in implementing them, we will gladly provide you with advice and assistance.

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