1 year after the floods: Your solidarity for Pakistan

Last summer, Pakistan experienced the heaviest monsoon rains in 30 years. A third of the country was flooded, over 1,700 people lost their lives and more than 30 million people needed urgent aid. Given the magnitude of this disaster, Glückskette called for donations to provide aid. Thanks to your incredible solidarity, we were able to collect over 5.3 million Swiss francs in donations. With these funds, we have already financed nine projects worth over 3.7 million Swiss francs and reached more than 415,000 people in their time of need.

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Help after the devastating floods

On August 31. 2022, with the support of SRG and private media, we launched a donation campaign together. The devastating floods that inundated one-third of Pakistan and affected over 30 million people were a direct result of climate change. Thanks to your solidarity, we were able to raise over 5.3 million Swiss francs in donations and help those affected immediately after the floods by investing in emergency relief and reconstruction projects. We have already supported nine projects of our Swiss partner organizations, which were already active on the ground before the disaster. Thanks to their existing structures, we were able to provide immediate emergency aid through Helvetas, Save the Children Switzerland, Solidar Suisse and the Terre des hommes Foundation, which seamlessly transitioned into long-term reconstruction projects. Our aid has so far reached over 415,000 people affected by the floods.

"Given the scale of the disaster, our help was essential. Thanks to our Swiss partner organisations already active in the country, humanitarian aid was able to start up within a very short time and support particularly vulnerable people such as women and children."
Miren Bengoa, Director of Swiss Solidarity

Short- and long-term aid

Our support through our partner organisations initially focused on four main areas after the natural disaster: Food distribution, drinking water supply, medical care and the provision of urgently needed relief items such as hygiene articles or cooking utensils. In a second phase, we supported projects that restored sanitation infrastructure and drinking water supplies. One example is the Helvetas project, which not only distributed food, drinking water and relief supplies, but also provided water filtration systems and medicines. Thanks to this comprehensive aid on the ground, we were not only able to secure long-term access to clean drinking water and medical care, but also to sustainably strengthen agriculture and make it more resilient to future disasters.

In the coming months, we will continue to fund additional projects to address the ongoing impacts of the floods.

To continue providing swift and effective assistance in the face of disasters in the future, we rely on donations to our emergency relief fund.

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