2020 Annual Report – Switzerland and its solidarity in action

What does the pandemic mean for Swiss Solidarity? Have people continued donating during this difficult time? Was it still possible to implement aid projects? The answers to these questions can be found in this article and our most recent annual report.

Last year, the coronavirus turned our lives upside down and hit the planet’s most vulnerable people the hardest. Millions of people around the world became ill or died. Social inequality and poverty worsened everywhere, including in Switzerland, and those who were already in difficulty saw their already precarious situations deteriorate further. The progress we had made thanks to years of development efforts were undone by the pandemic, but we refused to let this discourage us. In fact, we held four fundraising events last year:

Coronavirus Switzerland:

This humanitarian fundraiser, the biggest and longest held in Switzerland since 2005, raised CHF 41,486,039.


Coronavirus International:

CHF 8,911,716 was raised for the world’s most vulnerable people, those suffering most from the pandemic and its consequences.


 Lebanon Emergency:

CHF 7,560,077 was raised for Beirut residents who lost their homes to the devastating explosions in the port and needed emergency assistance.


Children, victims of domestic violence in Switzerland (Coeur à Coeur, RTS):

Held jointly with Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS), this fundraising campaign for children in Switzerland raised CHF 2,028,186 by the end of 2020.

Find out exactly why, for whom and how we collect donations by reading the chapter on fundraising in our 2020 Annual Report. We can say with confidence that, even in difficult times, solidarity is exceptionally strong: together with SRG SSR and private media, we raised a total of CHF 64.5 million in 2020.

Thank you so much for your solidarity!

How we have used your donations

In our Annual Report and Annual Financial Statement, we provide transparent and detailed information on how we have used your donations and what we achieved with them. Here is a quick look at the numbers:

The three largest fundraisers for aid projects

  • Coronavirus Switzerland (2020 campaign)


  • Tsunami in Indonesia (2018 campaign)


  • War in Yemen (2019 campaign)


Help at home and abroad

Ongoing projects:  409
Aid organisations – Switzerland: 202
Aid organisations – abroad:  27
Countries: 41

How your donations are used over the long term

The donations we supported projects with in 2020 came directly from the major fundraising campaigns held during the year in review (Coronavirus Switzerland, Emergency Aid Lebanon, Coronavirus International, Coeur à Coeur), as well as from previous years’ campaigns.

It is important for us to use your donations sustainably and support multi-year projects, such as sustainable reconstruction projects following natural disasters. The donations you entrusted to us in 2020 have not been fully used yet and so will be put toward providing sustainable aid in the coming years in keeping with the same principle.

All 2020 figures, from the annual balance sheet to the operating costs, are contained in our 2020 Annual Financial Statement.

What can we expect in 2021?