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3’025’262 francs for Rohingya in Bangladesh

In just one day, on 23rd May 2018, thanks to your generosity and thanks to 480 volunteers and personalities all over Switzerland, we collected over 3 million francs to help Rohingya refugees. Your donation makes all the difference.

Donate now

We appealed for your solidarity all day today for 18 hours, in partnership with the SSR and the support of private radio stations such as WRS. 

480 volunteers and many personalities supported us by answering calls or by sharing information on social media with the hashtag #SwissSolidarityForRohingya. Among them, the President of the Confederation Alain Berset, who collected pledges by phone with our volunteers in Zurich.

Solidarity with the Rohingya

Our thanks also go to our donors. We were able to 3’025’262 million francs in one single day. With this money, we will fund the projects of our partner NGOs that will help the Rohingya  overcome the monsoon consequences. 

Considerable needs

The distress and needs in the largest camp in the world are enormous. That’s why it’s not too late to donate if you still want to. We thank you very much for your generosity, your donations make a real difference for those affected.