Our partners and sponsors

Having built up strong relations with our partners over the years, we are able to keep on improving what we do and so help those in need more effectively.

Stronger together

Whenever a disaster occurs somewhere in the world, the Swiss public often donates hundreds of millions of francs to us.

With this money, we help people in need in Switzerland and abroad. Without the invaluable help of our many partners and sponsors, this simply wouldn’t be possible.

Some of these partnerships have existed for decades, or since the very beginning of Swiss Solidarity. We would like to present some of our main partners here.

Swisscom, Swiss Solidarity partner
Swisscom was our very first partner. In 1951 Swiss Solidarity launched its first appeal, raising money for the victims of the Po Valley flood; in this it was supported by Swisscom, then still the PTT, which set up a telephone centre. And the partnership is still going strong today.

On national fundraising days, Swisscom provides telephone lines and the free phone number 0800 87 07 07 so that we and our volunteers can take donation pledges over the phone.

In this and other ways, Swisscom helps us to meet a considerable proportion of our operating costs. It also regularly organizes fundraising events among its employees on a matching-funds basis.

A picture often says more than a thousand words.

When a natural disaster occurs, Keystone allows us to use its pictures free of charge so that we can show the extent of the suffering and damage.

Keystone presents our country and the rest of the world from a Swiss perspective. Its team of 20 permanent photographers throughout Switzerland and its international partner agencies cover all the major events happening here and throughout the world.

Keystone is the largest photography agency in Switzerland, and has a huge archive of around 11 million images documenting the social history of Switzerland.

“To me, Swiss Solidarity is altruism in action.”
Michael In Albon, Corporate Responsibility, Swisscom

Emergency Appeals Alliance

By joining forces, we can achieve more than if we operate alone.

This is no less true when it comes to fundraising for the victims of humanitarian disasters; joint appeals and partnerships with the media and private sector really pay off.

In 2008 we therefore teamed up with organizations that are similar to ours in structure and the way they function.

The result was the Emergency Appeals Alliance (EAA). The aim of this alliance is to share experiences and findings from national and jointly launched appeals, and in joining forces, to have more negotiating power.

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Privatradios pro Glückskette, a Swiss Solidarity partner

On national fundraising days, when we collect donations for the victims of large-scale disasters, we are also supported by a group of private German Swiss radio stations.

Fifteen private radios have banded together to form Privatradios pro Glückskette (PPG) – Private Radios for Swiss Solidarity – an association that actively supports our appeals. This helps us to reach even more radio listeners.

The association was formed in 2003, and is currently chaired by Radio Pilatus.

"The formation of Private Radios for Swiss Solidarity, which brings private radio stations together for Swiss Solidarity’s benefit, is a powerful example of solidarity. More than half of the Swiss population listens to private radio stations every day. Thanks to this alliance, we reach an audience of millions on Swiss Solidarity’s national fundraising days and in so doing, we raise urgently needed relief funds for people in need. And we have been doing that for around 20 years now."
Urs Schlatter, President of Privatradios pro Glückskette

BonusCard AG, which issues the VISA Bonus card, VISA Liberty card and SIMPLY Visa card, supports many of Swiss Solidarity’s appeals. BonusCard allows its customers to convert their premium points into donations, and transfers the amount directly to Swiss Solidarity

The Swiss Post has been supporting Swiss Solidarity for many years. People wishing to make a donation can visit their nearest post office throughout the year.

As part of the company’s corporate volunteering programme, volunteers from the Credit Suisse customer service help out at Swiss Solidarity’s appeal days as part of CS’s corporate volunteering programme, providing support to the other hotline volunteers. The company has one of the biggest corporate volunteering programmes in Switzerland.

Migros also supports people in need in Switzerland, and offers its customers the opportunity to put their Cumulus points towards a good cause. Donated Cumulus points are used by Swiss Solidarity to help people in need via Swiss organizations.

The online opinion platform intervista has been supporting Swiss Solidarity’s children’s relief programmes for many years. Survey participants can choose to have their bonus points converted into a cash contribution for Swiss Solidarity.

WEMF AG for advertising media research has been supporting Swiss Solidarity’s children’s relief programmes for many years. Survey participants can choose to have the vouchers they earn converted into a cash contribution for Swiss Solidarity.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our Foundation, please contact us. We will be happy to answer you.