Who are we?

Swiss Solidarity uses your donations wisely. We ensure that the funds we raise go to high quality humanitarian and social projects.

Our mission

Swiss Solidarity uses your donations wisely.

We ensure that our partners use the funds raised in high-quality humanitarian and social projects that meet the needs of those affected by disasters and humanitarian crises both in Switzerland and abroad.

It promotes the exchange of skills and knowledge in the field of humanitarian aid.

Evaluation following the earthquake in Haiti

« Swiss Solidarity works to engage donors, to create a bridge of trust and momentum with which to get vital resources to people around the world who have been affected by crises and disasters. Our mission is to foster a reflex of solidarity among the Swiss so that NGOs delivering humanitarian aid can benefit from high-quality resources and support. »
Miren Bengoa, director of Swiss Solidarity

Born of the SRG SSR

The story of Swiss Solidarity began in 1946 in Lausanne, with a song and the need to do something about the suffering caused by Second World War.

Radio presenter Roger Nordmann and entertainer Jack Rollan launched their first appeal on 26 September 1946 on Radio Sottens, in aid of children suffering from the effects of the war.

Above all, our founders were radio presenters with generous hearts. Today we are the largest private humanitarian aid donor in Switzerland.

For over 30 years we have been an autonomous foundation and the humanitarian arm of the SRG.

Our history

la première émission de radio de la Chaîne du Bonheur en 1946.

Brief guide to Swiss Solidarity

We monitor: An evaluator surveying Indonesian victims of the 2004 tsunami who received aid from Swiss Solidarity.

How we operate

  • We take action: Working with the SRG, we launch fundraising appeals and organize national fundraising days. These fundraising days are an expression of the Swiss public’s solidarity.
  • We make things possible: With the money we raise we fund projects run by our 25 Swiss partner NGOs, providing emergency aid and reconstruction in the aftermath of natural disasters and conflicts.
  • We monitor: In order to ensure that the money we raise helps people in need as effectively as possible, we monitor the projects before, during and after funding them.

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Our Swiss partner NGOs

We don’t operate abroad directly. We work with 25 Swiss partner NGOs to ensure that your donations are used to the best possible effect.

Every four years we review our partnerships with the NGOs and either renew their accreditation or terminate the partnership, and accept new organizations.

We may also work with non-accredited aid agencies and organizations on occasion.

This means that we are always working with agencies that can respond quickly and effectively when disaster strikes.

Our partner relief organizations

Swiss Solidarity works with 25 partner relief organizations abroad.

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