Governing bodies

Quality and transparency: these are two values that we rank highly. They are closely monitored by our foundation bodies.

Quality and transparency

When you make a donation, you trust us to spend your money wisely.

We have several foundation bodies ensuring that this is the case. They oversee the different aspects of our organization, making sure that your donation is put to best possible effect for those in need.

Foundation Council and Executive Committee

The Foundation Council is our highest body. It ensures that we carry out our work carefully and responsibly. The Foundation Council is also responsible for setting our strategy, ensuring that we are constantly developing, so that your donations continue to be used effectively into the future.

The Foundation Council comprises a maximum of 14 members, half of whom are members of SRG SSR, from which we were formed, and half of whom are members of our partner NGOs or other humanitarian aid organizations.

The Foundation Council’s Executive Committee, on which five people sit, supervises and monitors our top management, supporting them in their activities. Our director, deputy director and the president of the project committee sit on the Foundation Council and on the Executive Committee in an advisory capacity.


Delegation of SRG SSR
  • Pascal Crittin, President, RTS
  • François Besençon, Vice President


  • Barbara Hintermann, Terre des hommes – Helping children worldwide
  • Grégoire Castella
  • Felix Gnehm, Solidar Suisse
  • Joëlle Hars, SRG SSR
  • Melchior Lengsfeld, Helvetas
  • Markus Mader, Swiss Red Cross
  • Martina Vieli, SRG SSR
  • Sabine Maier, Vivamos Mejor
  • Alexandra Post Quillet
  • Robert Ruckstuhl, SRF
  • Silvia Schaller
  • Stefania Verzasconi, RSI
  • Manuel Etter, SDC
Delegation of Swiss Solidarity
  • Roland Thomann, Managing Director of Swiss Solidarity (advisory function)
  • Catherine Baud-Lavigne, Deputy Managing Director of Swiss Solidarity (advisory function)
  • Koenraad Van Brabant, President of Project Committees (advisory function)
  • Pascal Crittin, President, RTS
  • François Besençon, Vice President
  • Grégoire Castella
  • Felix Gnehm, Solidar Suisse
  • Melchior Lengsfeld, Helvetas


  • Roland Thomann, Managing Director of Swiss Solidarity (advisory function)
  • Catherine Baud-Lavigne, Deputy Managing Director of Swiss Solidarity (advisory function)
  • Joëlle Hars, President of Swiss Solidarity’s Finance and Investment Comittee (advisory function)
  • Koenraad Van Brabant, President of Swiss Solidarity’s Project Committees (advisory function)

International Project Committee

The International Project Committee ensures that we use your donations to fund projects that bring the most help to those in need in the current situation.

The committee members are independent experts on humanitarian aid, representatives of our and our senior management. Since all the relevant areas such as health, construction, water and hygiene, child protection and business are represented, the committee members can examine all of the projects submitted down to the last detail.

The project committee is chaired by an independent person and convenes several times a year. The constellation is different each time, depending on the expertise required for the projects under discussion. Projects are first analysed carefully and then discussed in depth at a committee meeting. The decision-making sub-committee within the project committee then makes a funding decision.


  • Koenraad van Brabant, President
  • Gabriela Friedl, water expert
  • Pablo Lo Moro
  • Martin Schneider
  • Mirela Shuteriqi, child expert
  • Ivan Vuarambon, construction expert
NGO representatives:
  • Alex Brans, Save the Children
  • Barbara Dietrich, Helvetas Intercooperation
  • Christian Gemperli, Solidar Suisse
  • Nathalie Praz, HEKS
  • Judith Schuler, Caritas Switzerland
  • Johan Ten Hoeve, Medair
  • Constance Theisen, Médecins du Monde
  • Nadine Trudel, CBM
  • Beatrice Weber, Swiss Red Cross
Independent observer:
  • Sebastian Eugster, observer/SDC
Swiss Solidarity representatives:
  • Roland Thomann, Director
  • Ernst Lüber, Head of Projects
  • Koenraad van Brabant, President
  • Roland Thomann, Swiss Solidarity Managing Director
  • Partner NGO representatives (on rotating basis)
Advisory function:
  • Ernst Lüber, Swiss Solidarity Head of Projects

Swiss Project Committee

The Swiss Project Committee acts when there is severe weather or a natural disaster in Switzerland, and ensures that we use the money you donate to help those members of the public, organizations, small businesses and poorer communities who need help most.

The Swiss Red Cross (for the western part of Switzerland including Bern and Valais) and Caritas Switzerland (for Central and Eastern Switzerland and Ticino) review all of the funding applications and give us their recommendations. The Swiss Project Committee takes the final decision.


The committee is made up of three experts in insurance and law, public bodies and disaster relief; a representative of each of the mandated partner organizations, the Swiss Red Cross and Caritas Switzerland; members of Swiss Solidarity; and the committee president. The committee is chaired by the same independent person as the International Project Committee.


  • Koenraad van Brabant, President
  • Silvano Gut, Caritas Switzerland
  • David Grolimund & Wim Nellestein, Swiss Red Cross
  • Hanspeter Bieri, expert in insurance and law
  • Alexander Glatthard, expert in public bodies/finance
  • Eric Bardou, expert in environmental issues and disaster relief
  • Roland Thomann, Swiss Solidarity Managing Director
  • Ernst Lüber, Head of Projects of Swiss Solidarity

Finance and Investment Committee

We don’t spend all the money we raise immediately. When there is a major disaster and we launch an appeal, it makes sense to support some projects long-term, especially reconstruction. Meanwhile, we invest your donations carefully. Our Finance and Investment Committee is responsible for our finance and investment strategy. It ensures that we observe our financial guidelines; for example, that we don’t invest in financial products containing businesses that produce arms, alcohol, nicotine etc.

In the future, the strategy will not just exclude certain products, it will be based on clear, sustainable and socially responsible principles. The president of the Finance and Investment Committee is appointed by the Foundation Council. Three experts, also appointed by the Foundation Council, also sit on the committee, and our director and head of finance always take part in committee meetings.

  • Joëlle Hars, President
  • Sophie Cathala
  • Othmar Ulrich
  • Roland Thomann, Swiss Solidarity Managing Director (advisory function)
  • Catherine Baud-Lavigne, Swiss Solidarity Deputy Managing Director and Head of Finances and Administration (advisory function)
  • Pascal Crittin, Swiss Solidarity President (advisory function)
  • Pascal Frei (PPCmetrics, advisory function)