Good governance

In order to ensure that your donation goes to help the right people in the right place, we regularly monitor projects on the ground.

Visitng a project in Pakistan

Monitoring on the ground

We conduct project visits and evaluations in order to ensure that your donations help people in need most effectively.

Foundation bodies

We have several bodies that ensure the foundation is well run and that your donations are well spent.

Mazars audit services


The auditing team audits our annual financial statement, which we publish with our annual report.

Local monitoring

We work with 25 Swiss partner NGOs in order to ensure that your donations are used most effectively.

Every four years we review our partnerships with the NGOs employing strict criteria, and renew the accreditations, accept new organizations or terminate partnerships.

But we don’t just count on our partner NGOs to carry out good work. We monitor the projects on the ground on a regular basis.

We do this in two ways, by means of project visits and evaluations.

Expertin der Projektkommission während eines Projektbesuches in Pakistan.

Evaluations and frequent field visits allow us to ensure your donation is spent efficiently and has a positive impact on the life of people hit by disaster
Swiss Solidarity Communications co-worker on a project visit to Ethiopia.

Project visits

Our co-workers and the relevant experts on the Project Committee visit projects in several countries each year.

They monitor the projects, talk to the local people and aid workers, check on technical details and discuss any difficulties with the local organizations.

In this way, we can constantly improve the projects and adapt them to the needs of the people receiving help.


We believe that our projects should also be assessed by independent external experts. This helps us to maintain the projects to a very high international quality standard.

The evaluations also give us an independent assessment of our partner organizations and the local partners with whom they run their projects.

We always launch a public call for evaluations so that internationally recognized teams of experts can apply.

The evaluations are conducted according to recognized international standards and in coordination with the partner NGOs. They can also lead to an exchange of information among the organizations evaluated.

Evaluator conducting an evaluation following the tsunami in Indonesia.

“The quality of our projects, which means getting the best possible help to the victims and using the money donated to the best possible effect, is absolutely key to everything we do. My co-workers and I regularly visit projects to ensure that this is always the case.”
Ernst Lüber, Head of Projects at Swiss Solidarity

Taking stock 10 years after the tsunami


Ten years after the Tsunami occurred, we looked at what had happened to the people who received help from us. We carried out a large-scale independent evaluation, which showed that 90 percent of the people who received aid can once more meet their own basic needs.

Impact Evaluation


10 years after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, we wanted to know how the projects we funded have changed the lives of the local people. The study, conducted by the agency Key Aid Consulting, included a survey among 525 households; 92% of these reported that the most important changes in their lives were thanks to the projects supported by Swiss Solidarity.

5-Pager on 2019 impact analysis (PDF) Summary of 2019 impact analysis (PDF) Evaluation Report 2014 (FR)

Project visit and evaluation following the earthquake in Nepal


In Nepal we are trialling a special kind of evaluation. During a 12-month period, people from the affected community are observing project activities and reporting their observations to the evaluation experts. So the local people themselves are part of the evaluation.

Study : Accountability to affected people

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