CHF 10,223,803 in donations for assistance in Switzerland during the coronavirus crisis

Thanks to your support, we collected 10,223,80 francs in donations on this day of solidarity with the SRG, its regional entities and several private radio stations. Your donation makes a difference: you are offering hope to those who have been thrown into need by the coronavirus crisis.

These extraordinary times called for and resulted in a day of extraordinary solidarity. Launched on 23 March, the fundraising campaign culminated today in this outstanding day of solidarity. From 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., calls for donations resounded throughout Switzerland. They came not only from donation centres, but also from radio stations, homes converted into teleworking offices and external call centres. Despite these unusual conditions, the solidarity of the Swiss people was simply impressive.

A big thank-you by video

This Swiss day of solidarity was launched by President of the Confederation Simonetta Sommaruga, who was accompanied by Jean-Marc Richard on RTS1 radio throughout the day and by call centre employees who took pledges over the phone. Although media personalities and celebrities could not gather at a single venue as usual, there was no shortage of traditional thank-yous from well-known personalities: people donating online could ask to have their favourite celebrity send a video thank-you message or could broadcast their own message of solidarity instead.

Every donation makes a difference

As usual, we received countless smaller individual donations and contributions from SMEs, as well as substantial donations from individuals and companies, some of over a million francs. A number of companies launched donation campaigns, and Swiss Post has issued a special stamp, 50% of whose proceeds will go to Swiss Solidarity.

Solidarity in Switzerland

The people of Switzerland care deeply about their fellow citizens in dire need: since the start of the campaign on 23 March, we have raised 17.5 million francs to help these people. On this day of solidarity, the campaign’s apogee, the total raised increased by CHF 10,223,803. Swiss organisations are already using this money in a variety of ways to meet the most urgent and basic needs. The assistance funded by Swiss Solidarity includes distributing food to those who can no longer afford to buy it and providing direct financial aid to those in need.

Necessary and urgent help

Individuals and families whose social and financial situations were precarious before the pandemic have since seen their lives turned upside down. For these people, the campaign offers a glimmer of hope and concrete support that will give them renewed confidence and a brighter outlook on life.

You joined forces with us and sent a strong message of solidarity. For that, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!