Coronavirus international – Get involved with us on social media!

By getting involved on social media, you can help us to reach even more people in our appeal for donations. Join us in calling on everyone’s sense of solidarity so that we can help people who are suffering hardship because of the coronavirus.

How to get involved on social media

We’ve made it easy for you to support the campaign via social media by preparing images and texts for you to download.

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Important information about the appeal

The coronavirus has not only had a deep impact on the lives of people here in Switzerland, it has also radically changed things for people in the countries in which our 26 Swiss partner NGOs operate. People already living in precarious circumstances or outright poverty are now facing even greater hardship. This pandemic affects the poorest most, and exacerbates social inequalities to an even greater extent. A global response is needed to this crisis!

  • for the poorest in society, who work as day labourers and so have no claim to short-time working and cannot work from home
  • for people in refugee camps or slums, whose cramped living conditions mean they cannot socially distance, and who cannot afford hygiene articles or protective masks
  • for people living in poverty whose homes may recently have been destroyed by a hurricane (e.g. in Mozambique) and who now have to deal with the coronavirus

  • for people living in areas where superstition and conspiracy theories play a large role in people’s lives, and where infected persons are likely to find themselves ostracised by society
  • for children, so that they can be born healthy and, despite overburdened healthcare systems, can be immunised against dangerous diseases such as polio, measles and diphtheria
  • for children living in precarious circumstances and in refugee camps, to ensure that, despite school closures, they continue to receive an education and do not fall even further behind children from more privileged backgrounds.


Would you like to know more about our appeal? You will find more information here.

How your followers can donate

Donating is easy – by credit card, paying-in slip, PayPal or Twint. Simply share this link with your contacts: https://donation.swiss-solidarity.org

or give them our e-banking details: IBAN: CH82 0900 0000 1001 5000 6, Glückskette, 1211 Genf 8, SWIFT: POFICHBEXXX, Postfinance, 3030 Bern

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