Coronavirus International: CHF 5 Million in additional donations

The people of Switzerland have again showed great solidarity by responding to our renewed «Coronavirus International» appeal—since early May, Swiss Solidarity has raised CHF 5 million in new donations.

Since our National Day of Solidarity in October 2020, Swiss Solidarity has raised more than CHF 14 million in total. In addition to already ongoing projects in 14 countries, we are now also supporting aid projects in Nepal and India.


Focal points of assistance worldwide

Among other things, the projects being run by our partner organisations focus on bolstering local healthcare, on health prevention initiatives, on distributing medical supplies and on running awareness campaigns for medical staff and the general population. Vulnerable people receive interim aid in the form of cash or relief supplies. In addition, children receive guaranteed access to education despite the schools being closed.

In addition to the 20 projects funded so far, a further nine project applications are already under consideration.

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