In Switzerland, the pandemic is well on its way to being contained. But in other countries, the coronavirus is running rampant. In South Asia and Latin America in particular, the humanitarian needs are enormous. In response, Swiss Solidarity and its partner relief organisations are stepping up their appeal for donations. Only together can we beat the global coronavirus crisis.

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The weakest are being hit the hardest

Because of the pandemic, people in other countries who were already living in poverty and suffering through other crises and armed conflict now have to contend with increasingly wretched living conditions. Around the world, the Covid-19 crisis is hitting the most vulnerable people the hardest, while exacerbating existing problems such as social inequality and poverty. Our partner relief organisations are working locally to bolster basic services, healthcare and health prevention activities.

«While countries such as India and Brazil have relatively good healthcare systems, the poorest members of society have no access to medical care. Clearly, the pandemic is hitting the weakest the hardest, and poverty is on the rise. Swiss Solidarity’s funds have been depleted. We are therefore appealing to the solidarity of the Swiss so that we can continue providing much-needed support.»
Roland Thomann, Managing Director, Swiss Solidarity

How we use your donations abroad

Thanks to donations made to the Coronavirus International campaign, we can deliver assistance in countries acutely affected by the pandemic, including Nepal and Bangladesh.

This aid comes in many forms and includes distributing personal protective equipment, in this case masks and hand sanitiser to the public.

On the ground, our partner relief organisations are also raising public awareness about how to protect oneself from infection.

And last but not least, the donations we receive make it possible to provide temporary assistance to those affected in the form of cash or in-kind donations. This enables small businesses and local producers to comply with the prescribed hygiene measures and, in so doing, save their businesses. We are currently providing financial support to 20 humanitarian aid projects being run by our Swiss partner NGOs in 14 countries.

As the pandemic stretches on, not everyone in the world can breathe a sigh of relief as we can here in Switzerland. The most vulnerable people abroad are precisely those who lack the most in terms of protective measures and prevention. Let’s show our solidarity and help stem the suffering of those most affected by the pandemic worldwide by donating to the Coronavirus International fundraising campaign.

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