Coronavirus: What your donations do

It’s an encouraging sign of solidarity: Since mid-March when we started fundraising for people in Switzerland severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve raised over 42 million francs. Find out here how your donations are being used by the aid organisations we work with.

Hope for thousands of people

To date, we’ve funded more than 150 aid projects to the tune of over 35 million francs. Through these projects, we support people whose situations were already precarious before the pandemic struck and who have since lost their income because of the crisis, are now in financial distress and, in some cases, barely have enough money to buy groceries. Other people urgently need social support, such as care or help at home.

«Behind the more than 42 million francs are thousands of donors who are genuinely concerned about the devastating effect that the pandemic is having on many people in Switzerland. We do everything we can to ensure that the organisations we work with use your donations in a very focused and efficient manner»
Fabienne Vermeulen, Programme Manager for Switzerland

More than 114 organisations make extraordinary contributions

The projects we support are run by 114 Swiss NGOs, including our mandated and experienced partners Caritas Switzerland and the Swiss Red Cross, who use donations to deliver assistance and give renewed hope to the neediest. For many organisations, the coronavirus crisis brought unprecedented challenges. Since the pandemic struck, the number of people seeking help has skyrocketed, pushing many relief organisations to the limits of their capacity. Your donations are so important, as they provide the additional funds needed to effectively support these aid organisations.

What the relief organisation says about your donations

Financial support

«Just as small businesses run into liquidity problems, many families on the brink of poverty also lack money to pay their bills at the end of the month. Families and individuals with low incomes, even those with access to additional financial resources, can quickly find themselves in dire straits. The poorest are hit the hardest.»

Hugo Fasel, Director, Caritas

Food aid

«The Swiss Red Cross is delighted and grateful for Swiss Solidarity’s support in these difficult times. It enables our volunteers to provide food to even more isolated people on a daily basis and makes it possible to provide vital financial aid to families or individuals in need, quickly and easily. It also allows us to quickly recruit new volunteers to carry out our work.»

Markus Mader, Director, Swiss Red Cross

Emergency assistance

«Swiss Workers’ Aid (SAH) is grateful for Swiss Solidarity’s prompt and uncomplicated financial support. With the money they provide, we help people who were already living at the subsistence level before the coronavirus epidemic struck and whose situations became desperate when they lost their jobs. For example, there are single mothers living in poverty whom we can now help. We are truly pleased with the generous donations.

Caroline Morel, Head of the SAH National Secretariat

Social assistance

«In this extraordinary situation, Pro Senectute Switzerland is glad to receive support in any form. Thanks to Swiss Solidarity, the 24 cantonal and intercantonal Pro Senectute organisations can quickly and easily deliver a range of services for seniors and provide support in an emergency.»

Alain Huber, Director, Pro Senectute

Your donation made this assistance possible.

Thank you very much!