Earthquake in Afghanistan

On Tuesday evening, a devastating earthquake hit eastern Afghanistan along the country’s border with Pakistan. Some of our partner organisations are already active in the country and are currently establishing how support might be provided.

A 5.9 magnitude earthquake rocked eastern Afghanistan on Tuesday evening. According to the ruling Taliban authorities, more than 1,000 people have lost their lives and more than 1,500 others have been seriously injured. The true extent of the devastation is yet to be determined. We are in close contact with our partner organisations on the ground as they set about establishing how to best support those who have been affected.

One disaster too many

After the Taliban took power last autumn, we opened a donations account for the people of Afghanistan. The population is suffering tremendously because of multiple, simultaneous crises—the Taliaban takeover, the Coronavirus pandemic and famine have severely impacted the country’s people.

Tuesday’s earthquake has hit the crisis-ridden Afghan population extremely hard. While the full extent of this disaster is yet to be seen, the high number of victims confirmed to date is concerning.

Partner organisations active in the country

Some of our partner organisations were already actively carrying out projects in Afghanistan when the earthquake struck. As members of the humanitarian community, they are now assessing how best to coordinate the delivery of aid to victims of the earthquake.

Our donation account for Afghanistan remains active, and all donations continue to benefit the country’s people. Where possible, we will also use donations from this campaign to help those affected by the earthquake.

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