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Extraordinary appeals

While donating money is pretty much the standard these days, that hasn’t always been the case. Find out about some rather original collections.

Vacation !

This English war orphan was able to spend a holiday with Mrs Juliette Hédiguer in Avanches. They were both guests on the first ever Swiss Solidarity programme on 26 September 1946. We hope he enjoyed his vacation!

Reading material!

1947: “Oil soldiers”: first fundraising appeal throughout Switzerland for damaged soldiers. Mistakenly, machine oil had been used instead of cooking oil and around 100 people suffered poisoning with long-term effects, including paralysis of the legs.

Chocolate and tobacco

1948: Chocolate and tobacco collected for occupants of retirement homes.

Do you have any old felt hats?

1948: Swiss Solidarity collects old felt hats, out of which the sick and recuperating sew slippers. The aim of this campaign is to give sick patients a new will to live and new strength to recover by giving them the opportunity to work and earn money.

What’s cooking?

In 1951, we collected 60 tonnes of supplies and ingredients to carry out a listener’s dying wish: to provide orphans with tastier meals. As a result, the children got to enjoy croûtes au fromage (a baked dish featuring bread, melted cheese and various toppings and garnishes), chocolate cream and other delights.

Let’s get knitting!

It’s hardly imaginable today: in 1951 we collected wool for people suffering from the cold!

Air Bonheur

1975: Air Bonheur – one-week holidays on Mallorca for pensioners from poor backgrounds.