Famine in Africa: This is how we have used your donations

Since our national day of solidarity for famine victims in Africa on 11 April 2017, we have received donations amounting to CHF 17.8 million. Our partner NGOs use this money to care for undernourished children, provide water and food and treat the ill and injured. But the money raised unfortunately does not go far enough. The situation is still very dramatic and continues to threaten millions of people.

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Aid administered

Thanks to your donations:


How we help

Our partner NGOs are currently treating undernourished infants, administering primary medical care and ensuring access to drinking water, food and sanitary facilities.

Thanks to your donation

416,000 people have already received aid thanks to your donations. But many are still waiting for urgent, life-saving help. Your donation makes a difference.

Too little money

For people in Somalia, South Sudan and Nigeria, war and drought have made life unbearable. Many flee their homes to escape death and protect their children, and often end up in camps in neighbouring countries. They travel long distances and arrive at the camps very weak and traumatized.

The aid they receive, funded thanks to your donation, is hugely important. Our partner NGOs have already provided emergency aid to over 416,000 people in South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Uganda and Niger.

But millions have yet to receive help. Famine and war threaten their lives. We require a further two to three million francs so that our partner NGOs can help these people too.

We are very grateful for your donation and the solidarity you show with the people suffering in Africa.

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You can donate anytime online or via our Swiss Solidarity app – or transfer your donation to the post office account 10-15000-6 (reference “Famine in Africa”). Swiss Solidarity payment slips are available at all post offices.