Five years after the earthquake: How your donation has helped.

The devastating earthquake in Nepal on 25 April 2015 was followed by many aftershocks, some of them violent. Eight million people lost family members, their homes, and their livelihoods. Thanks to your donations, our partner NGOs were able to provide targeted aid, the effects of which can be seen five years on.

Your donation makes a difference. It gives people hope for the future following a natural disaster. Here are some examples of what we have been able to achieve with your help:

3,246 houses reconstructed or repaired

Reconstruction proved an enormous challenge. Coordination with the local authorities was difficult at first. And the houses are scattered across very steep terrain, making access difficult.

Thanks to the support you provided, over 3,200 families now live in their own homes, built to quake-proof standards.

Your donations were also used to reconstruct 61 schools and 8 health centres. 1,780 masons were also trained.

57 drinking water systems reconstructed

Clean drinking water is essential to life. Reconstructing the water supply following a natural disaster therefore takes on very high priority.

In Nepal, we were able to reconstruct 57 drinking water cisterns and distribution systems.

Our partner NGOs also repaired 42 agricultural irrigation systems and constructed 31 water mills.

2,456 farming families received financial support

Many farmers in Nepal were no longer able to tend their land after the earthquake. And they had no money to buy seed.

Direct financial aid from Switzerland allows them to continue farming and to sell their harvest at market.

The payments help them to reconstruct their livelihoods.

What do those who receive aid say about the work of our partner NGOs? Does the aid really meet the greatest needs? We wanted to know the answers to these questions, so in February 2020 we commissioned a survey. An independent consultancy in Nepal surveyed 1,500 people, including schoolchildren and members of the local authorities.

Good marks for aid from Switzerland

The survey focused on two communities with around 70,000 inhabitants around 120km east of Kathmandu. Three of Swiss Solidarity’s partners – Caritas, Helvetas and Solidar suisse – helped the local community to rebuild houses, schools and the water supply.

The results of the survey were very positive. The local people all agree: their living conditions have been improved long term thanks to the aid from Switzerland.