Child Protection in Switzerland

We want children in Switzerland to have a happy childhood. Help us to help children who experience domestic violence or neglect. Thank you for your donation!

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50,000 children in need each year

Domestic violence, neglect, abuse – these are abstract terms behind which lies an endless tale of suffering.

It is difficult to believe that each year in Switzerland, 30,000 to 50,000 children experience violence and abuse in their own homes, either as witnesses or as victims themselves. This may be physical or psychological violence between parents or between a parent and the child, sexual abuse or neglect.

In most cases, children feel themselves to be guilty and so suffer twice over from the abuse. It is vital that they receive the right kind of help as soon as possible.

Protection and help for children

We want to ensure that children who experience violence in their own homes can get the right kind of help for their specific needs, either individually or with a parent.

In Switzerland there are many institutions that provide protection for children. However, there are not enough places in emergency accommodation for children either on their own or with a parent who is also the victim of violence. Furthermore, not all institutions are able to respond to the specific needs of those seeking protection.

Adults and children who experience difficulties in the family all have very different needs. It is important that these specific needs are individually met and that solutions can be found for each situation, person and problem.

As well as caring for those in need, we also work to prevent domestic violence and child abuse. Part of the donations we receive is put towards projects that aim to identify domestic violence in its early stages, prevent this violence and promote the health of those concerned.

"With your donation, we can help ensure that children in Switzerland who suffer domestic violence can get the right kind of support for their situation and needs. I am extremely grateful for your support!"
Tabea Wäfler, Programme Officer Switzerland, Swiss Solidarity

How your donation helps

With your support, we would like to fund projects that improve the care available for children who are victims of domestic violence. In other words, we support institutions in which parents and their children can find temporary help and protection, can build up their relationship and have their situation assessed.

We also use your donations to support projects which aim to identify domestic violence in its early stages and so have a chance of preventing it. We also fund projects in violence prevention and health promotion.

By supporting such projects, we are helping to improve the child protection network in Switzerland, identifying gaps and supporting solutions which close these gaps. As a result, fewer children will have to suffer violence in their homes, either as direct victims or as witnesses.

With your donations, the emergency accommodation, care institutions and other child protection services that we help to fund can provide the following activities:

  • Helping children to cope with crisis situations (building up their resilience)
  • Providing protection and individual help in specialised institutions to child victims of violence
  • Teaching better parenting skills
  • Building up the parent-child relationship
  • Providing support to children entering emergency accommodation or returning home
  • Recognising signs of violence at an early stage and finding solutions


More information

In 2022, Swiss Solidarity supported the following organizations through its child protection fund:

  • Agapé: Association genevoise d’actions préventives et éducatives
  • Association de médiatrices interculturelles AMIC
  • Association Foyer Arabelle
  • Association La Base
  • Association La Maisonnée
  • Association MAM (Maison d’Accueil Maternel)
  • Association Petit Corneille
  • Association VIRES
  • Associazione Consultorio delle Donne
  • Associazione Ticinese Famiglie Affidatarie
  • AVVEC – Aide aux Victimes de Violence en Couple
  • Centre d’accueil Malley-Prairie
  • Centre social protestant Berne-Jura
  • Cooperativa Baobab
  • Fondation As’trame
  • Fondation au Coeur des Grottes
  • Fondation EssentiElles
  • Fondation François-Louis Borel
  • Fondation Jeunesse & Familles (FJF)
  • Fondation Neuchâteloise pour la coordination de l’action sociale FAS – SAVI
  • Fondation St-Germain
  • Fondazione ASPI
  • Frauenhaus beider Basel
  • Frauenhaus Luzern
  • HEKS Inland Regionalstelle Ostschweiz
  • Institut Kinderseele Schweiz
  • MädchenHaus
  • National Coalition Building Institute Schweiz
  • Particip’Action
  • Pinocchio Beratungsstelle für Eltern und Kinder
  • Solidarité femmes Biel/Bienne & Region
  • Solidarité Femmes Fribourg – Centre LAVI
  • St.Gallischer Hilfsverein SGHV
  • Stiftung gegen Gewalt an Frauen und Kindern
  • Stiftung Liebfrauenhof Zug
  • Tagesschule Oberglatt
  • Verein Espoir
  • Verein Frauenhaus Winterthur
  • Verein Schlupfhuus Zürich
  • Verein ZwüscheHalt
  • Wohnheim Varnbüel

You are an organization or association active in Switzerland and would like to apply for funding? Click here (French) or here (German) for more details.

Together, we want children in Switzerland to have a happy childhood. Thank you, because your donation will make a difference in these people’s lives.

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