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The Coronavirus pandemic is causing huge damage and suffering all around the world. So our efforts to contain the spread of the pandemic must be coordinated at a global level. Show your solidarity with people in other countries where the virus and the measures introduced to contain it are causing particular suffering. THANK YOU!

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Status of donations: CHF 9,126,256

Coronavirus is causing suffering around the world

The coronavirus has not only had a deep impact on the lives of people here in Switzerland; it has also radically changed things for people in the countries in which our 24 Swiss partner NGOs operate.

People already living in precarious circumstances or outright poverty are now facing even greater hardship. This pandemic affects the poorest most, and accentuates social inequalities to an even greater extent. A global response is needed to this crisis!

The Swiss public have shown a huge amount of solidarity with the victims of the coronavirus pandemic in Switzerland. I believe we should now look beyond our borders and think of those in poorer countries who are extremely hard hit by the virus and by the measures that have been imposed to contain it. Let’s extend our solidarity to others around the world. Thank you for your support!
Roland Thomann, Director, Swiss Solidarity

Greater poverty

Lockdowns in countries in which the majority of people have informal jobs, living from what they can earn each day, have taken away any source of income these people may have had. They are no longer able to learn any kind of living.

Even before the pandemic, access to medical care was one of the largest problems faced by people in the countries in which our partner NGOs run their projects. This has now become even more difficult, and ensuring that basic needs are met – food, medicine and health – is an enormous challenge.


Refugee camps

The crisis has hit people living in refugee camps particularly hard. In such cramped conditions, it is not possible to keep the required distance from each other and very difficult to protect oneself in other ways.

Our partner NGOs working in refugee camps in places such as Bangladesh (Rohingya) are helping to protect the people in the camps from the virus, distributing protective material, providing medical care and developing concepts to best protect people living under the conditions in the camps.

The world’s poorest countries

In some of the world’s poorest countries such as Burkina Faso, Haiti, Yemen and Guatemala, your donations are being used by our partner NGOs to support the local health system and provide financial aid to those who no longer have an income because of the lockdown.

They are also helping to inform the neediest people of the protective and hygiene measures and to provide them with protective material.

In many countries in the world, the situation of those already living in extreme poverty has become drastically worse. We therefore appeal to your solidarity for the victims of the coronavirus pandemic abroad. Help us to fight this pandemic together, and globally.

Where your donation is being used

Our partner NGOs carry out projects, verified by us, which are tailored precisely to the needs of those they help. With your donation, we can support projects in two main fields:

Social and economic welfare

  • Providing aid in the form of cash or some other financial support
  • They support micro-entrepreneurs to maintain their businesses despite social distancing measures, for example by installing hand-washing stations in front of their shops)
  • They support local producers when purchasing protective equipment (locally made fabric masks from micro-entrepreneurs)


  • Supporting medical facilities to provide care in connection with Covid-19 and other health issues
  • Running awareness campaigns for those in particular need about the risks of the pandemic and showing them how to protect themselves against the virus (e.g. keeping a distance to others and observing hygiene rules)
  • Encouraging people to observe hygiene rules such as washing hands, with water and soap distributed. Explaining how the rules can be most effectively applied.
Many thanks for your support and for showing solidarity with all those people in the world who are suffering as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the measures that have been imposed. Together we can make a difference!

Humanitarian aid in the coronavirus pandemic

Our partner NGOs are continuing to operate, despite – or indeed, because of – the coronavirus. They are being extremely flexible and creative. For example, vocational training courses have been adapted to focus on producing materials for the crisis, such as hygiene masks for the community.

At the same time, in addition to providing protection from the virus and ensuring that basic needs continue to be met, the NGOs are continuing their regular activities in order to help people get through this crisis.

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CHF 9,126,256

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