Earthquake in Morocco

Swiss Solidarity appeals for your solidarity for those affected by the severe earthquake that destroyed large parts of Morocco during the night of 9 September.


Heavy earthquake in Morocco

During the night of September 9, a severe earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred in Morocco, the strongest earthquake ever measured in the country. The catastrophe left destruction and great suffering behind. Entire villages were buried, thousands of people lost their lives, countless were injured. Many of the survivors lost their entire livelihood from one day to the next.

Séisme au Maroc

Already in the first hours after the earthquake, we recognized the extent of the disaster and contacted our Swiss partner organizations to explore the possibilities for aid in the country. Some of them, like the feminist peace organization cfd, are already active in Morocco and have been working tirelessly since the earthquake: distributing water, blankets and tents. These organizations are doing everything they can to ensure access to remote villages in the mountains that were hit particularly hard by the earthquake.

Other partner organizations are currently assessing the needs and the possibilities of taking action on the ground, either directly or through their partners. Actions will initially focus on the most urgent needs: Access to water, food, shelter and medical care. Given the extent of the damage, we expect the need for assistance to continue for a long time.

"In light of the tragedy in Morocco, we must activate Switzerland's solidarity to help the thousands of people who have lost everything in this disaster."
Miren Bengoa, Director Swiss Solidarity

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