Emergency fund

Thanks to the emergency fund, we can react quickly in the event of a disaster, conflict or crisis by supporting the projects of our partner organisations already on the ground. When the situation calls for it, emergency aid can be delivered promptly without the typical administrative delays.

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The fund enables us to support projects quickly, to get aid to where it is most urgently needed without our having to launch a large-scale fundraising campaign. In so doing, we save time and can act effectively to support people affected by disasters or humanitarian crises. This fund is crucial to providing an immediate humanitarian response.

2021: Escalation of the conflict in the Gaza Strip

In May 2021, the Israeli army and the Palestinian Hamas movement fought a ruthless battle. Bombs destroyed homes, hospitals and other civilian institutions, severely affecting the people of the occupied Palestinian territory. We were able to fund the work of our partner organisations on the ground to deliver emergency aid rapidly. For example, they distributed basic necessities, supported medical facilities and provided access to clean drinking water.

2020: Hurricanes Eta and Iota in Central America

In late 2020, two devastating hurricanes battered Central America. Using the emergency fund, we financed projects in Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala to rebuild houses and health facilities and distribute financial aid and seeds to vulnerable communities. Aid was delivered promptly to meet the urgent needs of those affected by these devastating twin natural disasters.

2016: Food crisis in Africa

In 2016, the recurrent natural weather phenomenon known as El Niño caused a severe drought, which led to an unprecedented food crisis. At the time, 50 million people relied on humanitarian assistance to survive. We released one million francs from the emergency fund to immediately finance our partner organisations’ projects and subsequently launched a fundraising campaign to provide continued assistance over the longer term.

“Emergency humanitarian aid is a core component of the work we do every day. To ensure that people affected by natural disasters, conflicts and other crises receive support quickly, it is of paramount importance that we have funds readily available so that we can take immediate action.”
Ernst Lüber, Director of Programmes
Any time of year, you can entrust us with donations for this necessary and essential fund. This way, when an emergency situation arises for which we will not necessarily launch a fundraising campaign, we can still intervene and support those who need our help, wherever in the world they are and whatever their situation is. Thank you so much for your donation.

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