Famine in Africa

Millions of people in South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria are suffering from the worst drought in 60 years. Its effects are made worse by armed conflicts in the region. We can help these people with your donations.

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13 million people facing famine

13 million of people in South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria are facing drought and famine. Conflicts in the region make the situation worse. In March 2017, the UN raised the alarm, and South Sudan formally declared a famine in two states.

Nomads are losing their cattle to the worst drought in 60 years. They live from their animals, which are a source of meat, milk and money. As a result, people – children in particular – are getting weaker and weaker, and are very susceptible to disease.

In order to find help, they have to walk long distances, and this weakens them even further. Many children can only be saved by feeding them artificially via drip.

Millions of people in South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria are suffering from the worst drought in 60 years.

Your donation makes a difference. Thanks to your support, we can fund the emergency aid necessary to help those in need. This pays for water, access to food and medical care.


How your donation helps

Our partner NGOs carry out projects tailored precisely to the needs of those they help:

  • They distribute water and ensure access to clean water
  • They treat malnourished children
  • They ensure access to food – where possible, by distributing cash or vouchers
  • They treat the sick and injured
  • They distribute seed
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Unsere Partnerhilfswerke behandeln mangelernährte Kinder.

“The nomads who have lost their cattle, the mothers who have to give their children dirty water to drink because there is no clean water left, and all the innocent people forced from their homes because of conflict and drought – they cannot help the situation they are in. They cannot wait for political solutions.”
Tony Burgener, Director of Swiss Solidarity

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Our partner relief organizations provide access to water and food

Access to water and food

In their projects, our partner relief organizations’ main concern is to keep the affected population alive. They distribute water and ensure access to food.

Where markets are still functioning, the relief organizations distribute cash or vouchers so that people can buy what they need most urgently.

As many people are weakened by the lack of adequate food, they are very susceptible to disease. So our partner relief organizations also provide essential medical care.

Our partner relief organizations treat undernourished children.

Treating undernourished children

But the main focus is on treating undernourished children.

Moderately undernourished children receive enriched peanut paste, which is full of vital nutrients.

Those who are severely undernourished are kept in hospital and fed via drip.

The organizations also distribute seed, so crops can be sown for future harvests.