Famine in Africa

Thanks to your donation, our partner NGOs are currently helping hundreds of thousands of children and adults who are hungry, lack access to clean drinking water and suffer from diseases that endanger their lives as a result of the worst drought to hit the region in 60 years, a situation further compounded by armed conflict.

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How your donations are used

In South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria, the lives of millions of people are at risk. Children are suffering from severe malnutrition, which can lead to death if left untreated.

Our partners carry out projects that meet the needs of the populations they serve by:

  • Distributing water and providing access to clean drinking water
  • Treating children suffering from malnutrition
  • Guaranteeing access to food by means of cash allowances or vouchers in areas where markets are still operational
  • Treating the sick and injured
  • Distributing seeds

Unsere Partnerhilfswerke behandeln mangelernährte Kinder.

Your donation makes a difference. Thanks to your support, our partner NGOs provide vital assistance to affected populations which receive water, food and medical care as a result.

Our partner relief organizations provide access to water and food

Access to medical care, water and food

Terre des hommes foundation, Medair, Save the Children, Adra and EPER seek to ensure the survival of affected populations by distributing water and/or providing access to food in South Sudan and Somalia, as well as among South Sudanese refugees in Uganda.

Because these populations, weakened by hunger, are often no longer able to fend off diseases, our partner NGOs also dispense medical care.

In places where markets are still operational, aid in the form of cash or vouchers is distributed so that every person can fully meet his or her essential needs.

With an eye to sustainability, seeds are also distributed to help people sow future crops.

Our partner relief organizations treat undernourished children.

Treating children suffering from malnutrition

Those who suffer from moderate malnutrition are given a peanut paste enriched with essential nutrients.

Those suffering from severe malnutrition are hospitalised and fed intravenously.

Our partner NGOs identify cases of malnourishment in children by means of mobile clinics which move from village to village, and treat malnourished children on the spot when their situation is not critical.


19,548,193 francs donated so far

On April 11, 2017, Swiss Solidarity held a fundraising day for victims of drought and conflicts in these three African countries where our partners are active. A total of 19,548,193 francs has been raised so far, more than double the value of the pledges announced that day in April.

We are currently funding actions in the hardest-hit areas, such as Central Somalia and the southwestern part of South Sudan.

We are also supporting the delivery of aid to the most vulnerable, people living in refugee camps in Niger and Uganda after having fled war or failed harvests.

Millions of people in South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria are suffering from the worst drought in 60 years.

How your money is allocated

To ensure the effectiveness of the assistance your donations allow for, we analyse projects thoroughly before funding them.

A commission made up of independent experts and representatives from Swiss NGOs evaluates the quality of the requests received. The work of our partner NGOs is in no way hindered or slowed by the process, as we fund projects retroactively, in this case as of the date of the day of solidarity.

In order to ensure that the assistance really does reach those who need it, we continuously monitor projects both before and after funding them.

To find out all about how we operate, click here.

How do we operate?

Funds received:

CHF 19,548,193

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