Flooding in India

Several thousand people fled the devastating flooding and need help.

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Devastating Monsoon

According to local authorities, the floods in the southern Indian state of Kerala are the worst in a hundred years. The monsoon was exceptionally strong this year and has led to great damage and much hardship. Over 400 people died but several hundred thousand were able to get to safety.

Current donated funds:CHF 926,900

Emergency relief

In an initial phase, people need emergency relief in the form of food, clothing, medical care and other daily-life items. These poeple could only escape from the water masses with a minimum of belongings and had to leave everything behind.


Accommodation repair

When the acute emergency situation has subsided and people can return to their homes, help is needed to repair and restore the damaged shelters and temporary facilities where the population can live in the meantime. Your donation makes the difference!

"Even if the images and reports of the floods in India have disappeared from the media, the damage and needs are and remain enormous. Now emergency aid is needed, because even if people are safe, they have lost everything."
Ernst Lüber, Head of Programmes Department at Swiss Solidarity

How your donation helps

Our partner relief organizations use the donations to carry out projects that are precisely tailored to the needs of the people. Possible areas of application are:

– Distribution of food, clothing, hygiene articles and cooking utensils
– Improving hygiene conditions and ensuring access to safe drinking water
– Ensuring basic medical care for the sick and injured
– Psychosocial support, especially for traumatised children
– Repair of damaged accommodation
– Hand out cash so people can buy the things they need themselves


On-site partner relief organizations:

  • heks eper
  • heks eper

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