Flooding in Pakistan

In view of the devastating floods in Pakistan in the summer of 2022, which flooded more than two thirds of the country and left 33 million people in need, we are collecting donations to support the people affected. Infrastructures were destroyed, people lost their belongings and food prices rose dramatically. All these factors have led to the population suffering from malnutrition, especially children. Those affected are therefore more susceptible to diseases. Furthermore, after the floods, malaria and diarrhoeal diseases have become a major problem. Therefore, help is still urgently needed!

Donations collected: CHF 5,346,506

A land under water

In Pakistan, millions of people are affected by the consequences of the heaviest monsoon rains in the last 30 years. According to estimates, the rainfall was five to seven times more intense than in previous years. Even before the monsoon, Pakistan suffered from a month-long heat wave that dried out the country and melted glaciers. The parched soil, together with the resulting flash floods, was already causing flooding; the record monsoon is worsening the situation to catastrophic levels: so far, more than 1,000 people have lost their lives in the floods, hundreds of thousands have lost all their belongings and nearly one million homes have been destroyed. The Pakistani government has declared a state of emergency and is appealing for international help.

Precarious situation for those affected

The consequences of the current floods are enormous for the people of Pakistan. Although whole regions of the country are flooded, there is a lack of clean drinking water. If people drink contaminated water to avoid dying of thirst, the risk of diseases, especially diarrhoeal diseases and infections, is very high. In addition, there is a lack of vital food items such as cereals and rice. Besides the fact that hundreds of thousands of houses were destroyed, many farm animals also drowned in the floods. These were the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people. All these people lost their homes and livelihoods from one day to the next – and this precarious situation will remain even after the waters recede.

Our help

So far, we have been able to support several projects of our Swiss partner organisations in Pakistan. For example projects of Médecins sans Frontières, Helvetas, Save the Children Switzerland, the Swiss Red Cross, Solidar Suisse or the Fondation Terre des Hommes are financed. Our aid includes emergency and immediate aid, but also projects for long-term reconstruction so that the population can return to their usual lives as quickly as possible.

Immediate emergency aid

  • Provision of essential items: Food, winterisation kits, blankets, cooking utensils, rehydration solutions, water purification tablets and hygiene items
  • Access to health care: Deployment of mobile health teams and provision of medical equipment
  • Access to water and sanitation: Rehabilitation of wells, water treatment plants, washing facilities and distribution of hygiene kits
  • Construction of emergency shelters








Mr Akber Khan is living in AbaKhel, having a family of five to support. He has a physical disability as he lost his one leg in an accident. He works as a small vendor in the local market by selling vegetables and fruits. However, during August 2022 his household was severely damaged. His meager household assets were washed away, putting extra burden on his family. The stored food and grains were also destroyed due to flood. He was very much worried for his family and children as all area was under water and they had no support to survive. When finally, Mr Akber Khan received the relief goods in November 2022 he thanked the project team very much. He was also thankful to Solidar Suisse and its donors and partners for providing such a comprehensive package which not only restored his household asset but also provided enough food and other items for a longer survival after flood. 


Ms Zarmina Gul is a 52-year-old single woman who is living at the bank of Kabul River. She was supporting her two sisters by selling homemade candies to children in their neighborhood. Of her sisters, one is physically disable since birth and the other has cardiac issues and has not been able to engage in physical labor. The family was severely affected by flood in August 2022 causing damage to their house and household items. The family expressed their gratitude for the support and stated that it came at the time when it was most needed as the whole neighborhood was severely affected by the flood and there was no one to lend them support in this time of distress.

Assistance for long-term reconstruction and rehabilitation

  • Protection: psychosocial support for children, parents and teachers to ensure a stable and safe environment for children
  • Reconstruction of houses: Supply of local materials, technical assistance and support from professionals
  • Improving sanitation: Establishment of a waste disposal system and construction of sanitation facilities
  • Expansion of health services and establishment of new psychosocial support services
  • Economic support project for women, who also suffer more from pressure and violence
  • Installation of solar energy systems to provide schools with a sustainable water treatment system


"After the massive floods last summer, Swiss Solidarity partner organizations were able to provide emergency relief quickly thanks to the support of the Swiss population. Yet, around 1.8 million people are still living in partially flooded areas, many of them in emergency shelters without access to clean drinking water and basic medical care. They therefore still need our help."
Ernst Lüber, Director of Programmes

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