The HeartBeats project by Claudia Knie and Carolina Caroli aims to support people in Switzerland who have been particularly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. As part of this project, large synthetic resin hearts painted by Swiss artists will be exhibited in different parts of Switzerland before being auctioned online.

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The hearts designed for HeartBeats will already be exposed this year between October and November in Bern, Zurich and Rapperswil. Further locations are planned for 2022 in French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino.



Discover these artistic hearts by visiting the following locations:

  • 6 to 16 October:
    Bern, Bundesplatz

  • 17 to 27 October:
    Zurich, Central Station

  • 8 to 14 November:
    Rapperswil Fish Market Square



The donations collected during the online auction will support people in Switzerland who, due to the coronavirus pandemic are particularly in need. Find out who you are supporting below:

Children who are victims of domestic violence

It is essential that children who suffer violence within their family can receive help that corresponds to their specific needs, whether they are alone or accompanied by a parent. Switzerland has many institutions which work on child protection. However, there is still a lack of space in emergency accommodations, both for children on their own and for children accompanied by a mother or father who is also a victim of violence. Furthermore, not all institutions are able to respond adequately to the specific needs of the people who come to them for help.

In addition to providing support and assistance to children who are victims of domestic violence, we support projects dedicated to the early recognition of domestic violence, the prevention of violence and the promotion of health.




Young people at risk

In Switzerland, young people between the ages of 15 and 25 are more likely to live precariously and are at risk of being affected by poverty. One in ten young people is currently untrained or unemployed. From the age of 18, as many young women and men are at risk of falling below the poverty line, especially if they have not completed compulsory schooling or post-compulsory training.

We fund projects by Swiss organisations that help these young people find their place in the field of work and in society in general.



Homeless and isolated people in Switzerland

People who are homeless, living in temporary accommodation or in substandard housing need help. We support projects that cover their basic needs (e.g. housing, food, health), and also strengthen their connection to society. These include places where different people can meet or where the homeless can have a dignified space within society.

One of our objectives is also to promote an inclusive society and to allow excluded people to get their voices heard.

«Fortunately, Switzerland has a social security system that can help as many people as possible in times of crisis. The fragility and shortcomings of this system have nevertheless been exposed by the effects of the pandemic. The economic and social consequences of the pandemic will continue for many years to come, and it is essential to intervene for those most affected.»
Fabienne Vermeulen, Programme manager Switzerland

«During the semi lockdown, I could no longer open my garage. It was complicated because I had just opened it and I had almost no money to pay the bills. Afterwards, customers were afraid to come, even though we disinfected all the vehicles. I’m very grateful for the extra help, but to pay off my debts I had to take out a loan. It’s lucky that I can still live with my parents.»

«I found my vocation in events. At festivals, for example, I set up and take down the stage. During the coronavirus pandemic, I had to register for unemployment. It was very difficult, and I was able to keep my head above water with small jobs. You have to have courage and stamina to get through this difficult period.»

«After many internships, I found a job in product tasting. This job was very good for me and everything was going well until the coronavirus situation got worse. Then I was out of work. In the meantime I found a part time job as a cheese delivery girl.  I’m also employed by the city of Fribourg as a town clerk art time until this summer. We’ll see if I can keep this job. I hope really so.»

Thank you very much, together we make the difference!

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