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Hurricane in Haiti in 2016

Hurricane Matthew destroyed large areas of Haiti. Here we explain how your donations helped the people of Haiti to recover from the natural disaster.

Haiti struck once again by disaster

When we received the news and images from Haiti of the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew on 4th October 2016, many people thought: oh no, not Haiti again.

Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, had already been struck by a devastating earthquake in January 2010. The region around the capital Port-au-Prince, the southeast and north of the country were the areas hardest hit in the quake.

Six years later, the southwest of Haiti was where the hurricane did the worst damage. In addition to houses, schools and other buildings being destroyed, the water supply was damaged and fields laid waste.

1.4 million people, of which 600,000 were children, lost virtually everything and urgently required aid.


A child sits in the ruins of houses destroyed by Hurricane Matthew.

Your donation makes a difference. Thanks to your solidarity, we were able to distribute water and food and repair damaged buildings in the direct aftermath of the hurricane.

A woman holds a bucket containing aid items she has received in the wake of Hurricane Matthew

Your donation makes a difference

Our partner NGOs help victims of Hurricane Matthew with projects that answer their precise needs:

  • They distribute food, household items and construction materials so that people can temporarily repair their damaged houses
  • They help the victims to repair their houses or provide them with the necessary materials to do so
  • They ensure that people have clean water and that illness and disease do not spread
  • They treat the sick and injured and protect children from abuse
  • They support people who have lost their means of making a living to get back to work and earn money.

  • Evaluation report : Ecouter, s'adapter et renforcer les leçons de Matthew


"After the devastating earthquake in 2010, in early October 2016 the southwest of the Caribbean island was struck by a further disaster. Many lost all they had, and were left with nothing. Once again, it was the poorest who suffered most. Once again, it was Haiti that was worst hit. But we continue to help, thanks to your support!"
Priska Spörri, Head of Public Relations and Partner Relations at Swiss Solidarity

Emergency aid despite difficult circumstances

Owing to the rain and landslides, many areas of the country were difficult to access or could only be reached by sea or helicopter. Nonetheless, our partner relief organizations were able to distribute water, food, hygiene articles and other essential survival items.

Emergency accommodation was also set up immediately, houses repaired or the victims helped in repairing their houses themselves.

It soon became clear to aid workers that diseases such as cholera might spread, so hygiene protection measures were introduced to prevent this.

A woman on Haiti carries aid items she has received from our partner relief organization ADRA.

Hurricane Matthew

Aid in figures

  • Funds received:

    CHF 7,943,636

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