Rohingya in danger

Heavy rainfalls and strong winds threaten these people with a new disaster.

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A humanitarian tragedy

According to the UN, more than half a million people belonging to the Muslim Rohingya minority have fled from the northern Myanmar province of Rahkhine. There are reports of armed violence and torched villages.

Many Rohingya are injured or badly traumatized and countless families have been torn apart. After a gruelling flight they have found shelter in Bangladesh, many of them in overcrowded refugee camps. There is a lack of even the most basic essentials such as food and water. Most people have no access to accommodation or sanitation.

Funds received: CHF 6,115,307

emergency aid for the fleeing rohingya


Your donation enables our partner relief organizations to provide the Rohingya with water, food, accommodation, essential items of daily use and medical aid, to take care of those who are traumatized and protect children from abuse.

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This is how your donation helps:

Our partner relief organizations are running projects that are monitored by us and are precisely tailored to the requirements of those in need:

  • They distribute food and clean water
  • They distribute tents and household items
  • They treat the sick and the injured
  • They protect children from exploitation and abuse and help children and adults process trauma
  • They care for children who have been separated from their parents while fleeing
  • They give money to refugees so that they can cover their most urgent material needs

Funds received: 

CHF 6,115,307

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