Tsunami in Indonesia

The tsunami in Indonesia caused immense damage and suffering. Several hundred thousand people are in need of humanitarian assistance. Our partners all work with local NGOs to help survivors.

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The victims of the terrible tsunami that struck Indonesia are counting on your support

The earthquake and tsunami that struck the Indonesian island of Sulawesi on 28 September have left a huge devastation behind. More than a thousand people have died, more than 60,000 have lost their homes and several hundred thousand are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. This assessment is still provisional. The full extent of the damage is yet to be determined.

Funds received: CHF 13,766,805

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Urgent need of humanitarian assistance

In the first phase, we finance the emergency aid with the donations collected, in order to meet the most urgent needs. It is imperative to provide water, food, medicine, medical care and shelter.

These projects are being implemented by our NGO partners in close collaboration with their local partners, who are active on the ground and have already started distributing relief supplies.

Discover our real-time response review of the 2018 Indonesia Tsunami Appeal:

Download Real-Time Response Review


Reconstruction and rehabilitation

In a second phase it is about helping the affected people to recover from the disaster. It is important for them to be able to earn an income again as quickly as possible and to take on a more or less normal life.

But we will also finance projects to help the affected people repair or rebuild their homes. These should be earthquake-proof and offer protection and shelter.



«Swiss Solidarity works with Swiss NGOs, each of which has one or more operational and reliable Indonesian partners. The role of Swiss humanitarian organisations remains important: they know their local partners, they support them with financial, technical and advisory resources. They also monitor activities to ensure the proper use of donations.»
David Dandrès, Humanitarian Programme Manager

How do we help?

Thanks to your donation, our NGO partners in collaboration with their local partners can, in the first phase, provide emergency assistance:

  • They distribute water and food
  • They take care of the wounded
  • They provide shelter for those who no longer have a roof over their heads.

In a second phase, they will help people to recover from the disaster, earn an income again and repair or rebuild their homes.


Funds received: 

CHF 13,766,805

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They transform your donation into aid:

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