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Since the Russian army launched its first attacks, the Ukrainian people have been fearing for their suddenly uncertain future. To address the sheer scale of the ever-growing humanitarian crisis, we are appealing for your solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

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Donations collected: CHF 123,120,162

An intensifying crisis

Since 24 February 2022, the people of Ukraine have been living with a horrifying new reality: air-raid sirens, curfews and bombings. Bomb shelters and the capital’s metro stations were requisitioned to shelter people from attacks like those that have rocked the Donbas region for the past eight years.

Despite the chilling situation they are now in, women and men are determined to remain in their country and are using every means at their disposal to slow, if not stop, the advance of the Russian army. Others have had no choice but to run for their lives. For the civilian population, the consequences of this continuing and escalating conflict are dramatic and the humanitarian needs continue to grow.

Massive influx of refugees

Millions of people, mostly women and children, are fleeing Ukraine in search of refuge in neighbouring countries or in parts of the country thus far spared from the fighting. These people are being housed in makeshift shelters, train stations and public buildings. The lucky ones among them have local contacts to whom they can turn. Arriving in the host countries with very little, these people are exhausted and suffering from the bitter cold and the anxiety brought on by their uncertain future.

One thing is certain: as this war intensifies, the number of casualties will only increase, and millions more people may seek refuge beyond Ukraine’s borders or become displaced inside the country.

Aid in Ukraine

Many people in Ukraine are fleeing the conflict in search of areas within the country that are free of fighting. As they do so, these people become especially vulnerable and require access to food, water, medical care and protection, along with information and advice about the situation. Thanks to the donations we have raised, we are funding aid projects for people living in Ukraine who are directly affected by the war. We are already supporting the projects being run by our partner NGOs and our assistance will adapt as the conflict and security situation evolve.

Reception of refugees

Millions of people have already crossed the Ukraine border into neighbouring countries—Poland, Moldavia, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. They need hot meals, temporary accommodation, information and advice, as well as child-friendly spaces. We are already funding the projects of our partner NGOs on the ground. Our response is focused on the needs of the most vulnerable.

Assistance in Switzerland

Many refugees are arriving in Switzerland and are being taken care of by the cantons and the Confederation. We are currently assessing the needs and the situation with the different stakeholders on the ground and will respond with additional support to complement the aid being provided by the Confederation if any shortfalls were to be ongoing.

National Day of Solidarity

In collaboration with the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG SSR), we held a National Day of Solidarity for the people of Ukraine on Wednesday, 9 March 2022. The event sought to channel the tremendous outpouring of solidarity that we are still witnessing in Switzerland toward the massive humanitarian crisis underway.

Thanks to the support of regional radio stations and other media, calls for donations spread like wildfire on traditional and online TV and radio stations. Many celebrities and volunteers jumped into action and took pledges over the phone from our call centres in Geneva, Zurich and Lugano. By the end of the day, we had raised CHF 51,547,615 in donations, matching the largest amount ever raised at one of our fundraisers. A huge thank-you for your extraordinary solidarity!

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