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Version of 14 June 2018

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General Conditions of Use

The present General Conditions of Use are intended to define the terms under which the services of the website of Swiss Solidarity (Chaîne du Bonheur) are made available.


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Competent jurisdiction

The legal rules applicable to the content and data transmission on and around the website are determined by Swiss law.

In the event of dispute that has not been settled amicably, the competent jurisdiction is Geneva, Switzerland. This is a translation into English; the original version in French is legally binding.

Data privacy statement

Swiss Solidarity – Social media netiquette

Updated: October 2022

Welcome to the Swiss Solidarity Netiquette page. We’re pleased that you’d like to discuss topics related to Swiss Solidarity’s activities, both directly with us and through our social media channels. Our netiquette—a portmanteau of the words “net” (network, Internet) and “etiquette” (rules of conduct in dealing with each other)—upholds the principles that should be observed when we communicate with others on the Internet. 

Given the importance we place on respectful interaction between people, we kindly ask that you comply with our netiquette, whether you are replying to a comment or leaving a suggestion for us. When commenting, please adopt the same behaviour that you would use in a polite, face-to-face conversation.

The list below details, point by point, what we refuse to tolerate in the comments under our posts. The following content will be deleted or hidden:

In principle, we reserve the right to decide who may participate in discussions on our social media channels. Therefore, if you break these rules, we can block you without having to justify our decision.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our Foundation, please contact us. We will be happy to answer you.