Haiti and Afghanistan: World Humanitarian Day Overshadowed by Two Crises on the Ground

Last Saturday, an earthquake struck Haiti wreaking death and devastation, a situation compounded a few days later by a tropical storm. In Afghanistan, Kabul was captured by the Taliban faster than expected as the world became aguishly witness to the dreary consequences of this take over. These two humanitarian disasters have shaken us all. Thus, what can one do?

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A devastating and deadly earthquake struck Haiti. Only to be followed a few days later by a tropical storm that brought heavy rainfall— two events damaging a country which already has a history of recurrent natural disasters, pandemics, and political instability. In Afghanistan, Kabul was taken over by the Taliban much faster than expected, and the world is now watching nervously as they fear what may lie ahead for the population. As foreigners are being airlifted out as quickly as possible, the people of Afghanistan are left with no choice but to wait and see what the future holds for them.

These two humanitarian disasters have shaken the world. Thus, what can one do?


In Haiti’s case, there’s a lot we can do right now! The earthquake and heavy rains have made some roads impassable, which has in turn made evaluating the needs on the ground especially challenging, not to mention slowing down aid delivery. Nevertheless, our Swiss partner relief organisations are doing what they can: handing out food, ensuring access to water and supplying materials to build temporary shelters. Finally, they are also distributing hygiene supplies for the population to be able to protect themselves from the coronavirus and other potential diseases.


The situation in Afghanistan remains unclear. Internally displaced people who are now stranded in Kabul—women and children in particular—have nothing left. No water, no food, no shelter. We are in constant communication with several Swiss partner organisations active in the field and are considering our options of action. We intend to launch a call for donations as soon as we are certain the funds will be used appropriately.

Your donation for Haiti today will help us meet the most urgent needs of this island nation’s affected people.

Thank you so much for your solidarity!

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