How your donation was used in 2016

Which causes moved you to take action in 2016 and how was your donation used?

Syria and the refugee crisis, famine in East Africa and Hurricane Matthew in Haiti drove the flow of donations to Swiss Solidarity in 2016. Our donors, including yourself, allowed us to raise 17.6 million francs for victims of disaster and others in need. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your generosity!


148 projects funded

Thanks to these donations, which were pooled with the proceeds of our fundraising activities and money received in the last few years, we were able to fund 148 projects in Switzerland and abroad last year worth a total of just over 45 million francs. The allocation of funds by country and by situation is presented in the graph below.



Boosting assistance in Switzerland

In Switzerland, we provided emergency assistance to 1,200 families in 2016, a period during which we received a record number of social assistance requests. We also supported 22 projects aimed at helping marginalised youth and supported 17 families hit hard by severe weather events. Relief measures in Switzerland accounted for 3.3 million francs.


Becoming closer

In 2016, the Foundation Council conducted a thorough review of Swiss Solidarity’s strategy. Our goal for the future is to become even closer to our beneficiaries, donors and partner organisations, not to mention SRG SSR and other media outlets.


Download the strategy document in PDF format (in French)


Our 2016 annual report contains more information about our work in the past year, so we encourage you to read it.