Immediate Relief for the Victims of the Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

To help address the humanitarian consequences of the violent earthquakes that recently struck southern Turkey and northern Syria, we have raised more than CHF 32 million. Two months after the disaster, we have already funded 11 projects launched by our partner NGOs to help the most vulnerable. These projects focus on providing access to healthcare, emergency shelter, food, water and basic necessities, and hygiene measures.

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A natural disaster of historic proportions

The earthquakes of 6 February 2023 killed more than 50,000 people, caused widespread, colossal damage and left millions homeless. It was the worst natural disaster to hit the region in a century. The camps and reception centres where survivors have taken refuge lack clean water, food, access to healthcare and sanitation facilities. The situation is drastic and likely to
worsen as the risk of infectious diseases spreading is exacerbated.

Projects funded by us

Mere hours after the disaster, we launched a fundraising campaign supported by all SRG SSR stations. The campaign raised CHF 32,622,519 for the victims.Thanks to our network of 25 Swiss partner NGOs, we were able to jump into action in the initial days following the earthquakes, bringing vital and urgent aid to the region.
Today, we are funding 11 humanitarian projects run by ADRA, the Swiss Red Cross, HEKS, Helvetas, MSF, Medair, Save the Children, Solidar and the Terre des hommes Foundation that focus on the following urgent humanitarian needs:

  • Providing health services, including medicines, medical equipment, mobile
    clinics and psychosocial support to help survivors cope with trauma
  • Providing clean water, food and other basic necessities
  • Distributing hygiene and dignity kits that include basic necessities (soap,
    menstrual pads, etc.), as well as the rehabilitation of wastewater treatment
  • Providing emergency shelters, blankets, heating stoves and fuel
  • Clearing rubble

Areas in which our partners are active

We are funding projects in both countries affected by the earthquakes. In Syria, projects are being funded in both government-controlled areas and in areas in the northwest not controlled by the Syrian government. In Turkey, our partner NGOs are also providing urgent and vital aid.

Since the early days of the crisis, accessing those affected by the disaster has been a major challenge. Syria, a country already reeling from the war that has been raging for the past 12 years, was also struck by the earthquakes. Many political, administrative and security roadblocks are impeding effective humanitarian aid.

“In this situation, our network of partner NGOs on the ground, strictly applying the humanitarian principles of impartiality, neutrality and independence, is indispensable and enables us to provide vital aid to people wherever they are,” said Miren Bengoa, Director of Swiss Solidarity.
Miren Bengoa, Director of Swiss Solidarity

Outlook for the coming months

Up until now, we have focused primarily on providing emergency relief. But in the coming months, we will also fund more substantial humanitarian projects aimed at rehabilitating homes and essential infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, sewage treatment plants, etc.

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