The conflict in the Middle East is exacting a heavy toll on civilians. Swiss Solidarity’s various partner relief organisations are on the ground actively delivering emergency assistance.

People are suffering

The conflict in the Gaza Strip is worsening, with the Israeli military and the Islamist Hamas exchanging blows. On both sides, apartment blocks, hospitals and other civilian facilities are being hit. Caught between the fronts, the civilian population is suffering and counting its dead and injured, many of whom are children.

Swiss Solidarity has been active in the Occupied Palestinian Territories for years. Despite the most recent escalations, we are still in touch with our partner relief organisations on the ground.



Fondation Terre des hommes

Our partner NGO Terre des Hommes delivers emergency assistance to people displaced within Gaza, providing food, cooking utensils and access to clean water and hygiene products. Additionally, the organisation is represented in East Jerusalem, providing emergency assistance there too.


cfd – The Feminist Peace Organisation

In collaboration with cfd – The Feminist Peace Organisation, we are helping another partner NGO deliver assistance. The aid projects already underway before the situation on the ground escalated are being adapted to the current situation. cfd works with its own partners on the ground to support people who have lost their homes due to the fighting of the past weeks.

Médecins du Monde Suisse

Médecins du Monde Suisse is also currently running a project funded by Swiss Solidarity, advising the population on how to protect themselves from the coronavirus. Due to the increasingly dire situation, they are expanding their assistance and providing additional support to medical facilities so that they can care for the rising number of people being affected by the conflict, including by distributing hygiene products and providing other material support.

Emergency fund for immediate support

Swiss Solidarity has been able to fund this emergency assistance thanks to donations from the Emergency Relief Fund. This permanent fund is used to provide emergency aid as quickly as possible and to support people affected by crises quickly and efficiently.