See what we achieved together in 2020!

Who could have imagined that in 2020 a virus would turn our daily lives upside down? The extraordinary solidarity you showed in response made it possible for us to support those most affected both in Switzerland and abroad. Have a look at what we’ve achieved thanks to your solidarity!

A year marked by the pandemic

In 2020 the coronavirus pandemic broke out in Switzerland and numerous other countries around the world, plunging scores of people into precarity. Inequality and poverty have been exacerbated by the crisis and its consequences. In response, the people of Switzerland showed extraordinary solidarity. Our largest and longest fundraising campaign for the Swiss population since 2005 raised CHF 43 million in donations, and the public entrusted us with a further CHF 9 million in donations to help people hit hard by Covid-19 around the world.

On top of the pandemic, Lebanon was horribly shaken by the explosion in Beirut. This disaster, in a country whose economy was already in a shambles, led the Lebanese people to despair at the extent of the damage. We received CHF 7.5 million in donations to give the people of Beirut hope and help them get back on their feet.

«In 2020, we proved once again that Swiss Solidarity can also help right here at home thanks to the generosity of the people of Switzerland and the support of trustworthy partners and organisations. Everyone in this country has suffered from the consequences of the pandemic, and the past year has been a difficult period for all. Yet this did not prevent our donors, people just like you, from once again showing remarkable solidarity with those hit the hardest. Thank you so much.»
Roland Thomann, Director

Assistance for 6’235’495 people

Thanks to your solidarity in 2020 and during previous fundraising campaigns, we and our partner NGOs have supported more than 4.5 million people in distress in the wake of disasters and crises around the world

In Switzerland, 1.7 million people received support in the form of financial aid, services, food aid and advice thanks to the funds raised through our campaign for those most vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic.

Aid in 41 countries

With your donation, our partner NGOs were able to intervene in 41 countries to help people affected by humanitarian crises, conflicts, violence and natural disasters, enabling them to recover and find new opportunities for their future.

We have worked with 114 national, regional and local organisations in Switzerland to ensure that your donations translate into concrete help for people who are vulnerable to the impacts of the coronavirus.

In 2020, 65% of donations were used to help people in need in Switzerland.

409 projects funded

Thanks to your donations in 2020 and in previous fundraising campaigns, we have funded 288 projects run by our partner NGOs and other organisations in Switzerland, as well as 121 aid projects worldwide.

Our partner NGOs and the organisations we work with turn your donations into concrete assistance on the ground.

A total of CHF 64’545’421 in donations

That’s the amount you entrusted us with in 2020 because you were touched by the plight of the most vulnerable people coping with the pandemic in Switzerland (CHF 43 million in donations raised) as well as the children who fall victim to violence within their own families (CHF 2 million in donations raised through the Coeur à Coeur campaign).

Solidarity knows no boundaries and throughout this very special year, you also came forward to help those affected by the coronavirus abroad (CHF 9 million in donations) and the people of Lebanon affected by the explosion in Beirut (CHF 7.5 million in donations).

Thank you - we ARE making a difference together!

Want to know more?

More detailed information on the use of donations in 2020 will be available in our annual report to be published in the first half of 2021.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our Foundation, please contact us. We will be happy to answer you.